Hey Vita Loungers, welcome to the latest edition of Lounge Play – our weekly multiplayer gaming get-together; are you ready for something new? 😉

Lounge Play is a meeting of PlayStation Vita gamers for some multiplayer, with some of the TVL team hosting and/or joining in matches. It’ll be generally hosted by myself and Tyler, though we’ve invited the rest of the team to join in as schedules permit. Depending on how many people ask to join or reply, you guys will need to start your own teams to cover all the people – that’s where this sort of evolves, as it’s not just about gaming with us but each other.

This past Saturday the TVL team and guests played some Killzone Mercenary and Table Top Racing!

That’s right folks, a new multiplayer game has entered the fray with PlayriseDigital’s release of Table Top Racing – which just hit the PlayStation Network this week in North America and Europe thanks to publisher Ripstone.

While we wait for staff writer James to write the review for us however, this might just be a good way to see if this one’s for you! 😉

Anyways, thanks for tuning in and here’s the result of Saturday’s multiplayer gaming session;

(Warning; these are gamers playing games. Words will be sworn and names may be called – it’s what happens in multiplayer, and why it’s not rated. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Killzone Mercenary

Table Top Racing (New!)

Games will now begin Saturdays at 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern or 9PM GMT (depending on your region) to better include those in the UK/Europe. We’ve also compiled a list of possible Lounge Play games here (and for the impossible ones, a reason list – haha).

Here’s how to get in touch to be included in the recorded matches;

Thanks to those who joined us, those who will be joining us, and see you this weekend for some gaming!

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Kyle Wakeling is the Editor in Chief and Jack of all trades here at The Vita Lounge. A long time gamer and aspiring writer, he's just hoping to spread the word of PlayStation Vita to the darkest corners of the internet - and beyond.
  • SarcasticPersona

    I was in a perpetual state of sucking during Killzone. But thanks for including me, I will have to train harder to get to the skill level of you guys.

    • Haha its all good! We have fun and thanks for joining! Hope to see you again 🙂