If you keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog you may have seen a reference to Jamo Games’ upcoming title, Inner City Kids.

Stylised as a “street culture themed turn based shooter” on the official website the title follows the titular group of kids in their quest to defend the city. The children have discovered that the grown ups are being replaced by robots every night, and team up to defend and reclaim their city. By using the technology around you to create unique weapons and strategies the game gives you many ways to turn the battle to your advantage.

shot2James Biddulph is the man behind Jamo Games and he explained a little more on the PS Blog last week.
“You’ll explore the city and the robot dungeons below on a quest to stop the whole city from being run by the evil automatons. Create new weapons to suit your play style from thousands of different combinations of modules that are collected throughout the game, and explore open levels to discover new secrets, missions and weapon modules.

Whether you are exploring robot facilities deep below the city, saving adults from abduction, or gathering new intel, you will come across new weapon modules and frames. You can build up a collection of powerful artefacts throughout the game, and revisit previous locations later on to discover powerful secret weapons and unexplored areas. This means that you can invent your own strategies from thousands of different weapon combinations to play however suits you best, inventing weapons such as healing turrets, acid grenades, stealthy remote drones or whatever you can come up with! Whether you should go all out, play defensively or set traps for your enemies will depend on you, your weapons, and the obstacles that you face.”

We got in touch with James and he told us a little more about the levels.
“In Inner City Kids the missions take place on large open plan maps. Within the maps (the city being one of them, followed by robotic locations underground) you will find a ton of missions, secret rooms and areas that you can’t access right away. In a similar way to Metroid or Castlevania, you will have to have unlocked certain weapon modules or frames to access different areas. For example. there might be a machine that requires power before you can use it, or tunnels that only drone units are small enough to fit through. This means that later on you will be able to discover new secrets and locations by revisiting previous locations when you are better equipped. Of course, these areas might also contain much stronger enemies or unexpected surprises!

shot4Before each mission starts, you are able to choose the point from which you want to begin, from a range of entry points unlocked throughout the game. This presents another tactical option, especially later on in the game, as you are able to choose the path to your objective that will suit you best. For example, if the mission is to get somewhere as quickly as possible, you might choose the route with fewer, stronger enemies, giving you more room to run straight through if you need to, as tiles won’t be taken up by tons of smaller robots. Of course all of this intel won’t be handed to you, the game is very much about discovering things for yourself, so getting out into these maps and exploring will be key to getting your team through missions safely.”

The game is currently slated to release next Spring and we will keep you posted with the progress. You can also follow Jamo Games on Facebook or Twitter. Does this look like something you might be interested in?

  • Lester Paredes

    I like the idea. Especially since games like XCom won’t be coming over to our favorite device. keeping my eye on it.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    1 day buy without question, loks amazing