It has been announced that tri-Ace‘s free-to-play RPG Judas Code will release in Japan on August 21st.

We brought you an insight into what we can expect from Judas Code a few weeks back, and we have more information on the game here. In Judas Code‘s Story mode you can replay missions to train your characters and the cards at your disposal, as well as this allowing you to take in Judas Code‘s world. In the game’s ‘Grand Card Battle Mode’ you can either co-operate or compete in 8v8 battles. Judas Code‘s shooting sections will allow you to use guns and grenades, with the scenery providing opportunities for you to take cover. With over 70 weapons, including assault rifles, SMG’s, handguns and rocket launchers, as well as abilities including aerial bombing and grenades, there is plenty arsenal to give you the upper hand in battle.

Judas Code will feature micro-transactions when it launches on the Japanese PSN later this month. As always, TVL will bring you more news on Judas Code as soon as we have it!

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