Koei Tecmo shared some information last week about Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, this week they give us more details and explanation.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is planned for a release later this year and Koei Tecmo slowly teases us by sharing bits of information about the game. Last week there was very little we could tell you but that changes this time. We’ve got our hands on some information and had to share this with you!


History and ‘What if” modes

These are the main modes in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3. The history mode follows the actual history of the Warring States where the ‘What If’ mode takes another look at events. What if Yoshimoto Imagawa survived the Battle of Okehazama or what would have happened if Shingen Takeda’s march to the capital was a success?

Character Change System

The Character Change System returns to Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, using this will allow you to switch quickly between the four main characters. Since there is a lot happening at the same time at several places you need to be strategic about when and where you place your characters.

Friendship System

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will use a friendship system to create stronger bonds between characters. During event scenes it’s possible to choose conversation options. These options will alter the scenario dialogue but also increase your friendship level with certain characters. There will be more conversation options the higher your Friendship level is.



The House of Martial Arts

You can test your skills in the House of Martial Arts, choose between various scenarios and aim for high scores. It’s possible to raise the limit for these scenarios by winning battles and completing missions. Your high scores will be posted on an online leaderboard so you can see how well you are doing compared to other players. It’s even possible to unlock special rewards.

Battle Techniques

You have a range of special techniques to choose from, these techniques consume your Battle Tech gauge so make sure it’s filled. These special techniques can give you an advantage when entering a battle, raise your army’s stats or lower your enemy’s morale.

Attacks adopted from Samurai Warriors 4

There are several attacks adopted from Samurai Warriors 4 which you can use in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3.

  • Hyper Attacks Attack your enemy while moving
  • Rage Attacks Strengthen your character using this Special Ability, a full Spirit gauge is needed for these atttacks.
  • Mighty Strike Pull of dramatic attacks by fulfilling specific conditions.
  • Kaiden This is the strongest special attack in the game. Perform Musou attacks while in Rage Attack state to trigger this one.


Lots of information this time but that’s not all. Koei Tecmo also shared some screenshots for Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, see them below.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is set to release later this year in Japan on PlayStation Vita.

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