Looks like our hopes and dreams have been answered; Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is getting the big update Japan received this September in the West.

Bandai Namco Games’ Community Manager Isshak Gravi has just posted a little slice of heaven to NeoGAF’s Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment topic, detailing the release of the “big update” (aka Japan’s big Summer patch) in the West;


…and before you can get out the “But what about North America?”


There you have it folks, the big update for Hollow Fragment (detailed slightly more here) will be available September 23rd in North America and 24th in Europe. 🙂

  • This is GREAT news, as I expect I’ll be playing this one for a long time.

  • Borshay


  • Phelan

    If anyone is interested in EU I started petition asking for a retail SAO in Europe to be released some time later after digital only. Chances are low, but ow well if you don’t try you won’t get anything.


    I was encouraged to start it by Namco moderator, If you feel like it sign. Be vocal and they might release it.

    If the petition will fail, than it will fail (it is failling now, and failling hard).

    • Anders

      I hope the digital version don’t keep you from buying the game next week.

      • Phelan

        Oh? Why would I do that (o.O)? Why would I want deficient product? That would be in my humble opinion without any sense… why would I do that?

        To me 40 EUR is price restricted to physical retail edition, where you get nice box and cartridge. I am aware that they are earning on retail about 30% of price… and that’s about 12 EUR. That should be fair price for a digital edition.

        But as I am not interested in deficient product I am willing to pay for digital no more than 5 EUR. That means I will buy it only it two situations:
        A. They will release retail edition
        B. The price will be less than 5 EUR

        I’m SAO fan but that doesn’t mean I will settle for scraps from table, I won’t waste my hard earned money on something which doesn’t exist. And majority of gamers prefer physical editions… it’s nothing weird.

        So yes… I like Namco Bandai…. and I love SAO… but that’s not enough reason to buy something which I don’t want (digital edition).

        Oh well, right now 2 volumes of LN are coming to me… it will have to be enough for me. But than again I hope they will release retail some time later… maybe with all DLCs…

        Huh :/ bit sad that they decided to release Dragon Ball and not SAO :/ with SAO being now popular and anime showing every Saturday that would make more sense. But ow well… I won’t have any hard feelings as NA is also not getting it :/

        Bit pitty that I can’t import Hong Kong version… if only I could buy on EU account DLCs to that version :/

        • Anders

          I understand why people want to pay extra for the physical version but a digital version will never keep me from buying a game and it definitely don’t make the game deficient.
          That update alone will make the game 30 hours longer.
          I just bought a bigger memory card to make space for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (including the free Infinity Moment you get with the game) and Freedom Wars.

          • Phelan

            Oh no no, you have every right to buy digital game it is your money and your preferences, right?

            To me, personaly it is bit weird and I don’t understand why would anyone want to buy digital games, but that’s opinions right?

            You might not understand why I stongly refuse to buy deficient product (not game) and I don’t understand you why you are buying it…. but we have right to not understand another side 🙂 and you and me have right to stay with their opinions, right :)?

            So if I sounded a bit harsh… that was not my intention, ok? Sorry if you felt ofended in any way.

  • Anders

    This is my next Vita game. It’s good that they listened to the many tweets they were getting and decided to bring this game to the SCEE and SCEA regions.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I wish this was retail in one of the regions. I’ll probably buy when it hits £15 though.