A new Vita centric Minecraft trailer reveals just how awesome the port will be.

We finally have a gameplay trailer for Minecraft on Vita, and it confirms what we already knew. This is the same Minecraft you know and love. The trailer shows off aspects of Survival and Creative mode, with there even being a gigantic Minecraft made PS Vita. There is also demonstrations of the co-op aspect of the Vita port.

It is still up in the air as to when we will finally get our hands on 4J Studios port of the game for handheld, with speculation arising as to whether it had been delayed to September last month. The original release window was stated as being August, but as we slowly reach the mid way point of the month, it is looking increasingly likely that we will have to wait a little bit longer to get our hands on it.

For now though the new trailer should keep you satisfied, until we finally get a release date! What do you make of the trailer? Let us know!

  • HellRaiser

    I’ve been waiting for this! Keen.

  • Looks brilliant, and I can’t wait. Looks incredibly likely to miss the August date but I am sure it will be worth it when it comes.
    Why this couldn’t have been slipped in yesterday is another frustration…

    • Daniel Doran

      That’s a good point Paul. Even a “Hey Vita owners, you might look forward to the coming days” would have been nice.

  • Marcus Blackstock

    Can’t wait to get back into this great game!

  • SarcasticPersona

    Before this I played my Vita 24/7, now I am gonna play 25/7. Yup I am going into The Dark Hour just to play Minecraft.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    The fact that PSVita in the white letters are way to the right is driving me crazy;
    I REALLY hope the Compass Rose in the map can be deactivated, or at
    least change the size, the same for the items, healt hungry section

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Also loved the little bug when the guy is breaking sand

  • Lester Paredes

    Honestly, I wish this was coming out on the 3DS. Because there is no way in HELL that I will let my daughter play this game on my Vita. lol. And no, I’m not getting her her own. I see how she takes care of things. I suppose PC is the way to go…

    • Mauricio Quintero

      It is just a matter of time, Minecraft is even in my toaster

      • Lester Paredes

        I sneezed on this napkin and accidentally deleted my save file. Damn.

    • Forsaken Crown

      3DS port won’t happen. Maybe Wii U, but I doubt it. Not only is Nintendo pretty bad with third parties, but Minecraft requires two sticks to control, so a 3DS port is next to impossible. Yeah, it’s got the second analog stick you can add on, but most people don’t have that. Why Nintendo didn’t include a second on the 3DS XL is beyond me, but whatever.

      • Lester Paredes

        That could easily be fixed by using the stylus to control the camera, but I can see your point. It would require much more work than the other systems they’ve brought it to. I sure hope they do bring it eventually, though.

  • At the 18 second the tree on the right is paper thin haha they have some stuff to fix. Im ok with a delay. I really want a well built game the Vita doesnt need to get a highly anticipated game and have it run bad it would be fuel to everyones “Vita is Dead” fire…