Assault Android Cactus is an arcade style arena shooter that will be released later this year on PS4 and the PS Vita. The game features a colorful collection of heroines to play as you shoot your way through 25 stages and destroy the mechanical army. Each character will possess both a primary weapon with unlimited ammo as well as a secondary weapon that will operate on a cool-down timer.

Recently, the team at Witch Beam have detailed the various weapons utilized by each of the eight main playable characters.


First up is the namesake of the game, Cactus, whose primary weapon is a fast and accurate vulcan machine gun that can be upgraded over time to be powerful enough to take out anything in her path. Her secondary weapon is the short ranged flamethrower which will cause great damage, just over a shorter distance.

Next up is Holly who uses the Seeker, which features light weight homing bullets. They don’t cause much damage but are relatively easy to use with a “fire and forget” strategy. Her backup weapon is the Cannonball which is slow moving but highly effective.

Lemon has a Spreadshot weapon which has the potential to cover more screen real estate than any other weapon in the game. To back this up, she also has the four shot rocket launcher for inflicting greater damage on opponents.


Coral enters the arena with a shotgun that is slow to reload but powerful. It’s effective for dispersing several enemies at a time. Her secondary weapon is a plasma field which can be dropped in battle to protect against incoming bullets as well as inflict damage on nearby enemies.

Starch has the laser rifle in her inventory that shoots out a continuous beam of death on opponents. She also has heat-seeking micro-missiles which can bring the pain to anyone who gets in her way.

Aubergine is a bit different than the other girls in that her weapon is a spinning robot named Helo. She attacks by remotely sending Helo into her enemies. She also has the power to create mini black holes with her Singularity Generator in order to trap her enemies together.aac3

Shiitake uses a Railgun, which is a slow firing but devastating weapon that can lay waste to rows of enemies. Also in her arsenal are Propeller Mines, which act as proximity mines and allow her to set traps for unsuspecting foes.

And last but not least there is Peanut who brings her Magma Welder into battle. This weapon sprays molten metal that not only inflicts pain but also leaves hazardous pools of destruction in her wake. And in reserve she is also toting a rocket propelled Giga Drill which will launch her across the screen at enemies, “then screwing them into the walls!”

With eight different characters come eight different play styles which allows you to choose whichever one is best suited for you.

Look for Assault Android Cactus later this year.



  • Phelan

    A donkey a donkey a kingdom for a…. at least one male character.

    But I agree game looks great.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    As long as the frame drops don’t happen that often or affect the gameplay so badly, I think it’s an interesting game.

  • pimlicosound

    Looks excellent. I like having a wide variety in my choice of weapons.