It was just revealed recently that an XBlaze sequel was in the works, and now we’ve got some details on the new protagonist and other aspects of the game.

According to the report on 4Gamer, XBlaze: Lost Memories is a sequel to the first game, but it’ll also be the final title in the XBlaze series. Featuring a new heroine by the name of “Nobody” who’ll be a big part of the story, we’ll also see the return of the first game’s protagonist Touya – though we’re unsure quite what his role will be in this new incarnation.


Speaking of Nobody, she’s a young lady who lives in a mysterious dimension known as the “Phantom Field”. With no memories of her past and a sketchy handle on time at best, she isn’t even sure how long she has spent in her home dimension.


As for this creepy little kitty, this is Brain Cat – and for those of you who remember the first game well, he was a mascot that belonged to Ripper. It seems like he’ll have a new role in Lost Memories, as he’ll apparently be searching for a “certain someone”.

There’s actually two more screens to look at as well, though we’re not quite sure what the story is on either of them yet. Take a look for yourselves;

XBlaze: Lost Memories is slated for Japanese release in 2015, with no word yet on a localization.

  • Phelan

    Xblaze… that’s aksysgames… than it won’t come to EU (releasing digital only is as good as not relasing at all)

    • Ichigo Yoite

      I’ve importet the previous game from NA – I liked it although I heard a lot of ppl complain about it. As far as I know the previous game isn’t coming to the EU so you may be right about a non existant EU release for the new game 🙁

      • Phelan

        But why it is US customers who should do everything to get X product?

        Shouldn’t it be role of the person who want to sell that X product? That’s the thing I don’t import games from companies that doesn’t care about European customers. That’s a case with discriminATLUS or Aksysgames… they think that they can show us middle finger because either way people are still going to import it.

        On the other hand there is NISA… who is doing everything for European customers. Sure their collector edition shop is a joke… sure you have to wait for games sometimes… but still… you get it…

        And what’s the case with discriminATLUS?
        People had to wait 6 months for Persona 4G (NISA)
        1 year too see SMT IV… and all they got was digital only game
        they were forced to release Persona Q with retail release by Nintendo

        Similar thing with aksysgames… if I remember right, they sold more copies of Blazblue (or some other title don’t remember)… and still they decided to discrimnate us.

        Sure those companies don’t have HQ in Europe… but neither does NIS America.

        • Lester Paredes

          Yeah, that does suck.

  • nonscpo

    When I read that this was the last game In the Xblaze universe I was a bit sad as I was hoping for a trilogy. But now that we know this is the conclusion to the story, Aksys has to localize it for those of us who invested into the franchise and choose to belive in it and all Visual Novels that make their way to the west.
    P.S. For any visual novel fan out there, does anybody know any other VN digital distributor other than JAST or Mangagamer?