Was Gamescom a Vita let down? Do you have “Vita means Death” fever? Are you wondering just what in the hell you’re going to want to play/buy before the end of 2014? We’ve got something you definitely need to see.

Hello PlayStation Vita owners, developers, publishers, and those who’ve stumbled upon our site simply out of curiosity – this is a post you might want to grab a coffee/tea before delving into, as you’re going to be here a few minutes. I’ll wait. 😉

Okay, you good? Awesome, let’s continue.

Over the last year and a half or so, I have compiled a master list of titles that are due out for PlayStation Vita (as well as including those already released). This list has served as a reminder of what’s to come for me and many others on the forum – receiving thousands of views since it was posted in its current location (having two homes prior on other websites). The list covers everything from next week’s digital only releases, right up to the biggest announced titles to hit retail; but a list is only so good without some context, right?

Well, we’ve decided to put the names to some video and give you a look at what’s coming – bridging the gap between name and visual stimulation. Our media manager Tyler and I have collected a bunch of trailers for some of the stand out games currently announced for Vita release,  and have molded them into what is planned to be a three part series titled; Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases. 

The three game reels we’ll be bringing you are as follows; dated/windowed 2014 (this one 😉 ), unspecified date 2014 and 2015/undated releases. We’ve only picked ~20 games from the massive list of upcoming titles I’ve compiled to go into each video, so don’t expect to see everything – but there is a good chunk of the important stuff you might have missed.

Without any farther adieu, here’s a look at Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part One: Dated/Windowed 2014

The list of games shown in the above trailer and their release dates can be found in the “A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games” thread on the forum, as well as all the other releases we couldn’t cover.

Make sure to check back for Part Two and Part Three of Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases, available soon.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Cool. I asked for this like three or four months ago. Right on time.

  • darkknezz

    Kyle, you’ve seen me here for quite awhile dating back to the older forums when we were early adopters of this awesome machine. One thing I want to make clear is that I will never say the Vita is dead. I love the indie scene that has exploded for our beloved platform and will not complain about the influx of JRPGs and such. The only complaint I have is that the western or triple A developers are not supporting the device. I think that is what a lot of us are longing for. Something BIG, exclusive and amazing for the Vita. Personally, I would like to see a propper COD or some other FPS, a solid open world game like GTA or an open world RPG like Skyrim. Not complaining, just posting my opinion. I have a 3DS XL with some great games but Vita is where it is at for me. Between 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC combined I still have more vita games (not including my PSP collection either). Thanks for all you guys do! If Sony isn’t blowing the horn you guys certainly are!

    • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

      I bought a 3DS not too long ago and played it for about a week. Then when back to my Vita. I just wish Sony would give the Vita some, any promotion to show potential adaptors that they still have faith in it. It’s not sending a good message to the interested and uneducated.

      • Hey Jon, great to see you. Hope everything is well.

        • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

          Cheers mate. I’m still about reading up TVL everyday. Very busy IRL as my husband and I are trying for a (surrogate) baby so all is good. Keep up the fantastic work guys 🙂

  • Borshay

    Doing Sony’s job for them! Great video!

  • hunterslasher13

    You guys are reminding I’m gonna be broke by the end of the year, so many games I wanna buy.

  • Lester Paredes

    Holy crap! You guys have a talking Vita? Is that what the last update did?

  • Randgriz

    You forgot Disgaea 4 and Akibas trip in the video – but otherwise nice job =]

    • Kyle Wakeling

      They’re already out – this is upcoming games 😉

  • Ikechi Onyenaka

    Awesome guys! Keep it up!

  • Robert Backland

    Great vid.

  • André Rubio


  • KaL-V3

    My favorite part of the video if when it says “Part One” meaning plenty more games to come. 😛

  • All I see are Japanese and indie games. Big budget western developers have pretty much given up on the vita, its a shame. It would have been nice to have seen more western open world rpgs or shooters like bioshock, medal of honor etc. instead of the projects getting canceled.

    • Michael Rogers

      It’s more they’ve pretty much given up on handhelds full stop. The Vita’s been getting more Western support than 3DS.

  • nonscpo

    Love the historical quote at the end.

  • Michael Rogers

    Nice video, shame about the music :p

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I thought it fit perfectly, but I guess that’s all down to personal taste. Can’t please everyone 🙁

    • chimpmeister

      I agree, the music is awful. Really grating heavy-metal noise.

  • Dan Smith

    Awesome stuff guys. The cool thing is there are at least 15 more Vita games i really want that didn’t make the video.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Just wait 😉

  • BRS25

    Thanks so much for making this. =)

  • SarcasticPersona

    I have been in kind of a slump since Gamescom. So this definitely brought my spirits back up. Then it went down again as soon as I realized I would be broke for the rest of my life when I get all these games. Thanks for the video Vita Lounge and thanks for being there for Vita owners. (Also that music was pretty awesome)

  • If only Sony did their marketing half as well as you do it for them, they’d be far more successful.

    Congrats guys, that was an epic vid for the Vita community, I’ll certainly be sharing it on UK Anime Network 🙂