Dutch developer WeirdBeard Games will bring 99 Bricks Wizard Academy to the PS Vita, they announced today.

99 Bricks Wizard Academy is all about building towers using tetromino blocks. So instead of clearing lines you now have to stack these blocks to get your tower as high as possible. This twist in use of the tetromino blocks forces you to re-wire your brain but is making the game both challenging and fun. Develop tower building skills and magical powers to complete challening task and become a true wizard!

99 Bricks Wizard Academy originally released on iOS and Android and used the portrait orientation. WeirdBeard Games is working hard to create a landscape orientation for use on the PS Vita. The User Interface and graphics will be overhauled as well to bring the best possible experience.

WeirdBeard Games have yet to set a release date for 99 Bricks Wizard Academy, The Vita Lounge will bring you the date as soon as we know one.

  • Super cute! I’m watching this one..

  • Anthony Brinklow

    With all these announcements they easily could have filled 5 minutes at GC with announcement followed by 15 to 20 second trailer for 5 solid minutes. Quick fire like that would have worked brilliantly.