Henchman & Goon, an independent game developer out of Norway, have announced that their game Flem will be coming to the PS Vita sometime later this year. This 8-bit inspired platformer is the debut game from the studio and will feature a chiptune soundtrack from composer Jens Kristian Mørkeby Rimau.


Flem is a retro platformer that features a lost ball of snot named Flem who was separated from the rest of his kind during the Great Sneeze. Players will be able to traverse 40 dangerous levels through four seasons in order to find Flem’s people in the Land of the Eternal Tissue. Along the way, Flem will discover his hidden snot powers which will give him new abilities, such as the ability to fly, in order to add an extra layer of difficulty to the game.

The game is designed around speed runs and looks very much like an 8-bit cross between Mutant Blobs Attack and Super Meat Boy (or about a dozen other super challenging platformers that have been released in recent years). You can then compare your times with those of other players through the use of leader boards and earn medals for better times. And if the game isn’t tough enough, there will also be a Hardcore Mode which can be unlocked to further increase the difficulty.

You can expect to see Flem released on PS Vita (as well as PC/Mac/Linux) sometime later this year so prepare yourself now for snot related puns such as: “Oh nose you didn’t!” And “Yes it is, no it snot!”

  • Lester Paredes

    I can snot believe this game!