A new gameplay video displays upgrades to original games weapons.

Last week we informed you of the new Anime trailer that had been released to promote the upcoming monster hunting game Toukiden Extreme, and now a new video has been launched to display upgrades to weapons from the first game, Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Below are just a few upgrades that will be added to the game:

  • Long Swords – Will get their mystical “Katanakizu” ability enhanced with more power, but will cost more stamina. The ability to draw the sword and do a mighty vertical slash has also been added, which you can now do whilst standing in a single place.
  • Spears – Can now be used to parry or stop enemy attacks, which is mighty handy when facing a massive beast.
  • Chain and Sickle Kusarigama -An aerial upgrade has been included, but the extra good news is that the development team has made it so you will not be vulnerable to attacks whilst in mid-air.
  • Bow – You can now gain extra power with the bow, in exchange for lowered stamina and mobility.

The Japanese spoken gameplay video gives details on more weapons that will be in the game. The game is slated for release on August 28th in Japan for PSP and PS Vita, with still no western release date. What do you make of the trailer? Are you excited for Toukiden Extreme, and are hoping for a western release date ASAP? Let us know in the comments!


  • Phelan

    Let’s hope we will get nice retail edition in EU… SSD kinda failed with digital only version… how many people were actualy playing it? 3k? 10k? Maybe now more because of sale… but still digital users are minority.

  • Luthee

    I’m one of the few that really prefer Toukiden to Monster Hunter, so I’m pretty hyped for the new version ^_ ^

    • nonscpo

      I’m hyped too, but why do you like Toukiden more than Monster Hunter? Sure the title has potential, but its still rough around the edges.

      • Luthee

        Hmm, not a very easy question to answer but I’ll try and explain…
        I hate it when games hide enemy health so I’m right at home with Toukiden, with the “Select” button I can check on that.

        Also, combat seems less punishing, and Oni’s for the first half of the game aren’t relentless like (right at the start) in the MH games I tried.

        More customization in Toukiden than MH (haven’t tried the last 2 MH’s though so not so sure about that).

        MH games have really stupid quests… If I remember correctly some episode had you get an egg from a dragon and carry it all the way back to the base… one of the worst mission and it was quite early in the game, way to give a bad impression game !

        … that’s all I can think of right now ^_ ^”

        • nonscpo

          I agree with most of your points, but still feel like Toukiden is a game that still needs some polish before it can be better than Monster Hunter. The issues that I still have with the game is that its more like Gods Eater (in the bad way) than Monster Hunter. In Toukiden the fights with the Oni’s get repetitive, I dont like how portions of the map are cut off (throughout the game), and while I agree with you that Toukiden appears to have more of a story in comparison to MH; its not a well fleshed out one (pretty generic almost forgetable). Im not trying to dismiss your prefernce, Im just hoping that this next version is a true “G” version with lots of improvements. I trully believe that this franchise has potential.

  • Marco Schmandt

    I loved the original Toukiden therefore I can’t wait to play this game. Hope we will get a retail version of it.