We said we’d be back with more, and here we are to deliver; grab something to drink,put those feet up on the table and relax – we’ve got more coming games to show off.

If you somehow missed our first video, you should take a look – it covers around twenty of the currently announced games with release dates/windows between now and the end of the year. This video however, covers the stuff we’ve been told will be out by the end of the year… but hasn’t been given a date.

Welcome to our look at Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part Two: Unspecified Date 2014

The list of games shown in the above trailer and their release dates can be found in the “A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games” thread on the forum, as well as all the other releases we couldn’t cover.

This has been the second of three game reels we’ll be bringing you, with the video covering 2015/undated releases still yet to come;)

  • MonoAudioStereo

    Maybe the quantity is impressive, but the quality is doubtful. These are 90% indie games. I only see Guns Up and Freedom Wards interesting here.

    • Franggio Hogland

      As to all things entertainment, it’s subjective.

  • Phelan

    YES YES:
    Freedom Wars -> nice retail edtion! WANT!
    Oreishka- sadly that’s rather 2015… I WANT IT but will pick it up only with retail… so all in all that’s rather big MAYBE… depends if there will be retail.


    Assault Android- > looks fun, will pick it up if I won’t have anything else to play
    Kick & Fennick -> nice developer, might buy it only for showing support

    Big Fest -> it’s exclusivity was the strongest point of game, without it I’m not interested
    Binding of Isac -> already beated it on PC, bought in bundle
    Cosmic Star Heroine ->
    Disney Infinity
    Don’t Starve -> already played on PC
    Energy Hook
    Frozen Synapse
    Guns Up
    Hotline Miami 2
    Rocket Birds 2

  • Kayseur

    Apart from Freedom Wars (which I already have anyway), OreShika and maybe Skullgirls, there’s not much I want since I don’t really about indies/small (PSN) games. Even if they actually are good, I can only see those kind of videos as promoting tools for the system, but I doubt indies *actually* can sell any system or more specifically any Vita (especially since they are mostly available on PC).

    Is Kick & Fennick going to be a retail game though? The other trailer looked nice but I don’t know much about this one.

    • Phelan

      nope it is indie

      • Kayseur

        Thanks, well that’s a shame but I’m not that surprised.

        • Michael Rogers

          I understand wanting retail rather than digital, (though lets face it, there really isn’t a big enough market for too much to be released at retail on Vita) but why is it a shame it’s indie? Looks better than Sony’s big exclusive licensed Muppets game to me lol both technically and gameplay.

          • Phelan

            indies -> don’t have retails

            well some of them have… but in most cases only if they have add-on in kickstarter

          • Kayseur

            Well, it’s just as you said (and not at the same time): “wanting retail rather than digital”. (Doesn’t mean I never buy indies, I do have a couples.)

            But actually, you might think the market isn’t big enough at retail for the Vita, and that would be kind of true for the western market. But I import a lot from Japan (half, if not more, of my Vita games are in japanese), meaning I do have a lot of choices to go through before needing indie games.

            I agree though, it does look better than other Sony’s pseudo-big games or firstparty titles. Which is probably why it caught my attention to begin with.

  • SarcasticPersona

    I am very excited for a majority of these games. I just wish they get release windows soon (especially Oreshika, Binding of Isaac, and Don’t Starve)

  • Michael Rogers

    Another great vid… music’s heading in the right direction too 😉

    • Phelan

      hey… previous one had better music (o.O)

      (that’s just a personal taste, so I’d rather see death metal or classical music rather than techno or electronic music)

  • Darkologia

    Amazing thanks guys