Almost 10 minutes of gameplay footage of Hotline Miami 2 has been uploaded to Youtube after an eagle-eyed gamer spotted it being streamed.

According to the uploader, Gaben Lover420, someone has acquired a copy of the game and was streaming it for over an hour.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the sequel to the hugely successful Hotline Miami, is due to release later this year on the PlayStation Vita.

Check out the footage of the game below to get a taste of the game’s murderous mayhem and its sublime soundtrack;

  • Michael Rogers

    Can’t wait. Loved the first one, shame I can’t kill the end of game boss >_< really can't wait to get stuck into more. The dual wielding Uzis look epic.

    • Marcus Blackstock

      You mean the guy with two jaguars?

  • Darkloofy

    DAY ONE for me ^^

  • Marcus Blackstock

    So stoked, especially for the level editor. Also the player in the video was absolutely terrible.