5pb. Mages has announced it is working on a new visual novel called Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo for the PlayStation Vita. The game’s official website has given us an idea of how the game plays, as well as a teaser trailer being released for the title.


Revolving around main character Freiya, the story of Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo will see you take on the Magician using your wits and the different strategies offered by the game by making use of the ‘FF’ and EXS’ buttons when in combat.

When you are battling it out in the game there will be different ways for you to emerge victorious. The first one is called ‘FF’, which stands for Free Finish, which is a special attack that you can use at any point during combat. Although you can use FF’s at any time, it is advised to save them for the best possible scenario. There are a variety of special attacks that can be used, so the choice is yours when it comes to picking them.


The second ability is the ‘EXS’, which are similar to the Free Finishes. The main difference between ‘EXS’ and ‘FF’ are that the effects of the ‘EXS’ can differ depending on who you are fighting. An example of this is that you might be able to choose from three ‘sacred treasure’ types to alter and control the course of your battle if used correctly.

Last but not least is ‘FA’, better known as Full Access mode’ which lets you perform a super special attack. Full Access mode can only be activated by certain characters, but it does allow for you to snatch a huge victory when you are behind in battle.


Releasing in Japan this fall, keep your eyes on The Vita Lounge for updates on Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo as and when more information is revealed. For now though, check out the teaser trailer for the title below;

  • nonscpo

    So im confused, the title makes it out to be a visual novel, however the describtion makes it out to be a fighter or beat them up?

    • Kayseur

      Sounds like it’s a visual novel with a small battle system where you have to choose the attacks at the right time, so the battles are still in prose, but depending of when you make your choices, the outcome will be different.

      Not much different from VN like Steins;Gate with the phone or stuff like that.

      • nonscpo

        Well if that’s the case it will certainly make for an interesting visual novel then. I’ve never played Steins gate (though have heard great things about it) so not sure how to compare the battle system. Hopefully we get more info on this title and it becomes one worth localizing.

        • Kayseur

          Well, it’s part of an existing VN series we never got, and not especially a popular one in the west (http://vndb.org/v7595 — not saying it’s unpopular/bad, just, it’s nothing like a XBLAZE which is from a known-series like Blazblue). So I wouldn’t count on a localization except if it ends up being exceptional.

          Plus I wouldn’t exactly count on the battle system being good or anything neither, it’s more likely simply something you do with a walkthrough with you in order to know which route you’re going to have.
          Since it’s from 5pb. / Lacryma anyway.

          • nonscpo

            Cool thanks for your input. Since you brought up Xblaze have you played it yet? Liked it?

          • Kayseur

            Not yet, I plan to buy it later but I can’t right now.

          • nonscpo

            Understandable, I’ve already picked it up and if you haven’t heard it from the folks at Siliconera or Gematsu. Make sure to read every article in that game in the Toei system when you do pick it up. I didn’t realize that was your choice system in the game and so I got the bad ending on my first try 🙁