tri-Ace has released a new trailer has been released that shows off Judas Code‘s card-battling multiplayer mode and the single player’s shooting mode.

The free-to-play title is set to release in Japan this week, and this trailer gives us a look at the different gameplay modes in action. The trailer starts by showing us the game’s shooting mode, where you will be taking on enemy infantry and mecha units. It appears that you will be doing this whilst trying to avoid incoming missiles. After this we learn about Judas Code’s story, which is set in World War III, and the mysterious ‘Longinus’ pillar that has appeared.

We also get a look at the game’s characters, including the two main protagonists. We see Mei Yasoshima, a childhood friend, and the leader of the Regenerator organisation called Muerta Megalith.

The footage we see of the single player’s shooting mode gives the impression that Judas Code will play like a third-person shooter, a genre that we haven’t seen much of on the PlayStation Vita.

We then get a look at the game’s card-battling multiplayer, where you will battle in a 16-player, 8 versus 8 showdown. Playing the single player mode will give you different cards to use in this mode, and winning the card battles will earn you useful items.

Releasing in Japan on August 21st, with no news yet about a Western localisation, Judas Code will be a free-to-play game that includes micro-transactions. Keep your eyes on The Vita Lounge for further news on this title, but for now, check out the trailer below;

  • Not to sure about this one, but also not sure we’ll even get it over here haha

    • Phelan

      I wouldn’t get my hopes to high about that one, probably we won’t get it.

      But I like it for how it looks Valkyria~Chroniclish. Man… bit pitty that they didn’t bring VC 3 to Vita… that would be great :/

  • looks like a mobile phone type of shooter.

  • SeVok

    This looks good, what petition do I need to sign to get a western release ? 🙂