Early copies will include three bonus download codes in Japan. The latest instalment in the Phantasy Star series will be released in Japan on November 27th, and details have emerged regarding some special bonus download codes that will be included within early copies of the game. These codes will give players access to:

  • A set of recipes to make costumes for male and female characters, as well as a recipe that lets the player make 10 ‘Exp boost +200% items’

offer 2

  • A code you can share with friends, that will allow them to receive a 30% discount on the digital version of Phantasy Star Nova. A nice added touch is the fact that the download copies will also have access to the early copy bonuses.

offer 4

  • Items usable in Phantasy Star Online 2, including a music disc for your in-game room, various costumes, a special ‘Colour Change Pass’ Ticket, a ‘FUN1000 Acquisition’ ticket, and a tri-boost +100% item.

offer 3

As well as all that downloadable goodness, a special edition  Phantasy Star Nova PS Vita pouch has been revealed, which will be on sale for 2,280 yen (£13,34/$22,28) when the game releases in Japan. PouchAnd if all those bonuses weren’t enough, more character details were revealed. Zeno, Echo & Alfin from Phantasy Star Online 2 will fight on your side in Nova. Though they won’t influence the story at all, it is still nice to see some familiar faces making a return. Characters Last year Sega stated there were currently no plans to release the game in the West, but if they decide to make a U-Turn on that decision, The Vita Lounge will be first on the scene.

  • Lester Paredes

    Interesting costumes. I especially like the pink one in the second image for costumes. I wish Sega would bring this over. The game looks like it could be all sorts of fun.

    • Luthee

      Yeah I want this game to be released in europe >_<
      Though sega have been asses for quite some time… so I guess we won't be seeing it here ? 🙁