Another Mega Pack bundle has been announced for Europe, and like the previous bundles, this one offers a number of high quality games for one low price. Due out this Autumn, this bundle, dubbed the PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack, will offer gamers an 8gb memory card as well as a download voucher for five Vita classics.

Included in the pack are a series of stand out hits such as:

The PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack will be available in two different options. In one bundle, it will also include the PS Vita and will retail for €199.99 (the same price as a stand alone Vita). And it will also be made available as a solo memory card bundle with an RRP of €39.99.

Sadly there is no mention , once again, of any plans for a bundle such as this to be made available in North America, but if you’re in Europe and looking to score a new Vita, this represents a pretty fantastic value (especially now that Uncharted and Gravity Rush are no longer available to new PS+ subscribers).

  • Phelan

    As a Vita bundle it is great… and they should brag about it way more than they did.

    As a Memory Card bundle it is bad. Why?
    1. It is way too small memorycard so not many people will pick it up as secondary card.
    2. Gravity Rush and Uncharted was half year ago in PS+ (in fact Graviry Rush was so awesome that I bought retail after playing on +)

  • Ikechi Onyenaka

    SCEA needs to bring this, along with every SCEE Vita bundle, to North America. They also need to start advertising the Vita period. I’m tired of seeing the Vita not getting supported in North America.

  • SeVok

    That some good value!

  • Magnumstache

    Four of the very best right there, would be a great bundle for new owners.

    Can’t see them putting in the necessary effort to make people aware that the bundle exists though…


  • Fr33Kingdom

    I really like the way SCEE take advantage of the vita’s existing library in the UK and all of europe.
    The Vita needs a price cut but I SCEA need to do the same. Although I reeeeaaaally don’t like the box. The presentation just seems poor to me. The vita needs a price cut and a rebranding. At least that part of sony is doing anything though.

    • nonscpo

      Agreed SCEA needs to follow the European example and offer super amazing bundles, as those offers will entice more consumers.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Definitely. The vita has games, especially for people newer to console gaming. Get them in people’s hands. Tearaway and sound shapes are incredible and people would be talking about them all the time if they were pushed well. Likely the same for Littlebigplanet vita and even smart as.

  • Lester Paredes

    Damn. That’s a good bundle. I already own all of the games, but it’s still an awesome deal.