We just brought you news that the DLC would be hitting Japan on the 28th – now we’re back to let you know that the rest of us will be playing it only a week later.

Muramasa Rebirth has seen the release of three of the Genroku Kaikitan add-ons, and now we’ve got the final bit of dating for the last piece. According to the press release from Aksys Games, the “Hell’s Where the Heart Is” DLC is due to release just a week after the Japanese version – hitting North America September 2nd and Europe on the 3rd.

Here’s the official DLC description from the press release;

When former monk turned playboy Seikichi accidentally proposes to Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell, he finds himself literally sucked into an adventure he never dreamed of! Already on a mission to recover the sacred treasures of the Seven Gods of Fortune that she misplaced, Rajyaki stuffs Seikichi in a magical bag and continues her mission – all while being the “bestest” fiancée she can be! Play as the formidable Rajyaki as you explore the Muramasa world, all while falling madly and deeply in love with Seikichi!

…and here’s what’s included;

  • Three Powerful Forms – Naturally as the daughter of the Lord of Hell, you have some fearsome powers. In child form, Rajyaki is quick and speedy with her ax. As a woman, Rajyaki uses her powerful club to knock enemies out of her way. Finally, in demon form, Rajyaki uses her near infinite powers to destroy any enemy in her path!
  • Test Your Skills – Even after completing the main story, Rajyaki’s adventure continues! Face bosses and enemies from the Muramasa Rebirth storyline and test your skills against the likes of Raijin or the Dragon God!

Are you ready to go back for one last ass-kicking session of new Muramasa DLC?

It can be yours for only $4.99/£3.29/€3.99 when it launches in just under two weeks. 😉

  • El Casual

    I want a retail version with all DLC.

    • Luthee

      So do I ! ^_^
      In EU as well please :3

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I would probably import a GOTY edition with all DLC as long as it hits at $24.99 so it can be imported for £20. Don’t think I would pay £30 to just get the DLC on a cart since I already have an imported £30 cart which was well worth it IMO. Loved the game.

    I would love to see Japanese devs announce some more action games and create the stunning variety and quality of 2d gaming as in 16 bit era rather than mostly JRPG or visual novels. I would even import from Japan if they want to create some platformers with wordless stories- motion comic style animation must be cheap? Someone have a word with all Japanese studios who are vita friendly quick sharp, ok? 😉

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Still don’t have a single dlc though as no one seems to know if you can play it without an existing save, as I’d need to use the Plus version for dlc but completed the US one.