We’re baaaaaaaack! Grab something to drink, put those feet up and crank the volume – it’s the last video in this run of “Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases”.

If you somehow missed our first video and/or our second video, you should take a few minutes and go back for a look – they cover around forty of the currently announced titles set to release between now and the end of the year. This video however, covers the stuff we’ve been told won’t be coming until 2015, and the stuff that’s outright undated.

Welcome to a look at Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part Three: 2015/Undated

The list of games shown in the above trailer and their release dates can be found in the “A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games” thread on the forum, as well as all the other releases we couldn’t cover.

This concludes our mid-August run of “Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases”, be sure to look out for another run sometime in the future. 😉

  • SarcasticPersona

    This is yet another great video, Kyle. I am kinda surprised about not knowing a majority of these but they all look great and I am very excited for the future of Vita.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Oddworld.. I was starting to worry after watching part 2 and the game wasn’t there. *phew*

    Also, for some reason I was expecting Wild Season from Quickfire games and Midora, from Epic Minds. I guess those guys will come up with some exciting stuff, so I’m okay to leave them alone for one more semester.

    [ Please sign my petition :.: SkyGamblers for PSVita -> https://www.change.org/p/bandai-namco-games-atypical-games-bring-sky-gamblers-rise-of-glory-to-the-playstation-vita ]

    • Phelan

      Not really my thing, will check later some video from game and will decide whether I will sign this or not.

      Anyway… I think we need some sorts of platform or website for those petitions. There are many of those, but people don’t know that those exists, right? So nice site with all petititions would be good idea. Maybe that way we would be able to make community to act?

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        To be honest with you, I always knew Change [dot] org was never about Gaming-related stuff. But it was the main tool behind scee’s u-turn and making Freedom Wars retail possible. Also, depending on what’s being petitioned, you get to see like 300 all the way to 3 million signatures! So it’s not like ‘people don’t know’ but I agree that a gaming-related Petitions website would be great for Vita’s audience (and a nightmare for sony).
        If you take the time to check some videos later, please consider spreading the word to your friends. Let ’em know of the petition, the more signs the better.

        • Phelan

          Ha ha I know about change 🙂 well people even started accusing me of spamming link to Freedom Wars petition on PS Blog :p so yeah I know 😀 That petition made by Liker_ID was great success, getting in 2 weeks more singatures than entire Type:0 petition.

          Seperate system would be cool… but even using change.org is viable option. One would need to inform people that there are things like that happening… even by simply writing news and giving links.

          Right now frankly speaking I’m not even aware what petitions are there… and it’s nothing unusual as I see… yesterday somebody asked me about some digimon game… and it turned out that there are at least 2 petitions for it.

          Hmm… ow well… maybe I will do it myself using some free server and ready to use layouts. Dunno…. will think about it when I will have more free time. But yeah it could help… it’s not bad idea (praising his own idea… that’s a bad thing)….

          Even contacting with developers could be easier as you wouldn’t be acting like a individual person but a representative of webiste about gaming petitions… Hmm…. I shall think about it…huh… but than again I would have to make another twitter account to even let people know about new site :/… maybe it is too much hassle for me after all :/ and I would have to be active…. :/

          ow well….

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            If you’ve got the resource to build a petition website yourself from the ground up but don’t want to handle the ‘spreading the word about it’ job, then I guess your best bet is to affiliate the site with The Vita Lounge and PS Life Style. Guys like Brian Sharon -a former TVL Writer- and Kyle Wakeling have some contacts, you could reach them on Twitter.
            You see, we’ve got to a point that our retail releases are being replaced by the digital model and PSNow. On top of that, we’re witnessing games that should be on Vita but instead, it’s on ios! (GTA VC, BioShock, just to name a few) so we kind of NEED a powerful and well-known Petition tool to have our say against those games going the other way and the ridiculous Vita memory card situation.

            I personally believe a petition website will help us make a difference. It won’t make miracles possible but at least sony won’t be able to say ‘they didn’t know what we wanted’.

          • Phelan

            Huh… I’ve proposed it on PS Blog…. hmm… 2-3 months ago…

            The problem is when it comes to computer science I’m no good. Sure I had few basic lessons during studies, but creating simple website is best I can do. That means I can’t create whole independent system for collecting signatures. Let’s not forget that we would need to collect personal data that means we would have to make sure to protect those data (unless you want people to sue you for letting somebody steal your data).

            I’m being frank, I can’t do anything as grand as that. Even if I had to create website than probably I would use free lay-out and hosted in on free server.

            But in case of BioShock… don’t let it fool you, the reason why they didn’t make those games is not because nobody would buy them. Ken Levine clearly said that they didn’t make those because they couldn’t make a deal with SCE. The one at fault was SCE and SCE alone, ok? Even if you would make petition for that it would be kinda pointless.

            All petition asking to create games from the scratch just because someone want it… are stupid… sorry to say that, but those are only spam to me. Nobody will create new BioShock or GTA because of petition, not going to happen unless you are willing to propose kickstarter and collect heavy cash for them.

            In case of your petition you are asking for a port from mobile phones… so I think it is still reasonable….

            And let say it clearly signing every petition there is the worst thing we can do. Only those interested in particular games should sign them. If 30k people will sign petition and than nobody will buy it… than yeah… it just destroy credibility.

            So yeah… I can’t really do all job by myself 🙂

            Oh and TVL is replying to emails so it’s not a problem, you don’t really need to have twitter.

          • Phelan

            Hey, I have a question.

            Before making petition did you even try to talk with them? And you shouldn’t talk with Namco Bandai 😛 they are only publisher of game, the developer is Revo Solution.

            I doubt that they will make a port of more than 3 years old game for Vita. The probability is extremly low. But take a look at their games:


            They have more than one one flying simulator, also many of them looks better than Sky Gamblers. Try talking with them, you can even find their email. They are small Romanian studio so they will reply you.

            Really try talking with them.
            Propose them to make it not for Vita but PSM, right now SCEE is giving out for free Unity-for-PSM… that way you will be able to play it on Vita and PSM. More rational choice if you ask me.

            Anyway using Unity-for-PSM is not bad idea, sure they will have to re-write everything…. but at least it’s free. Few months ago when World End Economica was on kickstarter we managed to lower streatch goal by proposing to go for unity-for-psm.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Nice. A few here I haven’t seen before.

  • Phelan

    Broforce – meh
    Criminal Girls – bit too much fanservice for my taste
    Grim Fandago – not my taste, I’m not big fan of Shafer… though… I’d love to see another Day of The tentacle
    Hand of Fate… – didn’t know this… well… I will see later
    Hyper Light Drifter – maybe
    Might No9 – will buy, sadly probably there won’t be retail… but still megamen…
    MilitAnt – nope
    Nom Nom Galaxy – nope

    Not a Hero – nope
    Nuclear Throne – nipe
    Oddworld – maybe
    Persona 4 Dancing All Night – ha ha nope
    Red goddes…. hmmm…. rather nope
    Shantae – probably will pick it up for PC if the price will be low
    Starbound -nope
    Tales from borderlands – probably nope
    Titan Souls – probably yes but if it will come for PC sooner and with lower price I will pick it up on PC
    To leave – nope
    Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunter – will it come to West?
    Upside Down Dimension – nope
    Volume – nope

    All in all, great material, congrats on making it! nicely done. But still I don’t see how this would encourage anyone to buy Vita. That’s the problem, most of them are multiplatform indies… how many of those are not indies? Persona, Tales from borderlands and Criminal Girls… anything else? Oh maybe TTG but I don’t know anything about it.

    And here is where the problem lies. 🙁

    But again congrats on making good video.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    If they can ripp of MH why they do not try to rip of Zombie Survival games like PZ?
    My God I am so dessperate to see a CC2 made Naruto game for the PS Vita

  • Shay Batty

    Sweet, haven’t heard of a lot of these but some look really promising! And I love the music in the video.

  • Brendan Sebire

    I didn’t see Forgotten Memories anywhere in there…