An update issued today brings Soul Sacrifice Delta a new set of DLC, featuring some Freedom Wars themed content.

Itching to play Freedom Wars, but it’s not out yet in your region (and you didn’t want to import)?

We’ve got the next best thing, check this out;


These new costumes can be yours to wear if you’re able to defeat the vicious Dionaea three times. That said, if you need a bit more motivation there’s always the really cool offerings you can get from breaking the Dionea’s cursed parts and defeating her.

Oh, by the way – the Dionea looks like this;


Sounds/looks like fun, right? 😉

To grab the new DLC, simply hit the “Download” button on the title screen of the game, then head over to the “Otherworld Pacts” section of “Additional Pacts” and claim your gifts. If they aren’t showing up, refresh the live tile and make sure you have the most current version of the game before trying again.

Enjoy the new content!

  • Lester Paredes

    Ooh… Going to download now.

  • nonscpo

    Wow that dlc looks so nice, Im so jelly of you Delta sorcerers.

  • Max_Callavaro

    I got this game a couple of days ago. So far I love it. The art direction is a bit uneven, but some arenas look absolutely incredible. I do wish they would implement something like a lock on. The weapons attack dont feel precise enough. Other then that I think the game is amazing.