Sega has released a video showing what players can expect from the ‘Episode 3’ update for Phantasy Star Online 2.

The first thing that we see in the video, which you can see at the bottom of the post, is a demonstration of the new Bouncer class. The Bouncer class can perform combos with Dual Blades and also double jump with Jet Boots. This class is great when used in a supporting role, helping others by providing openings for powerful attacks against enemies.

Next up in the trailer is a look at Phantasy Star Online 2‘s newest planet. This area has a traditional Japanese look to it, and appears to be inhabited by two warring factions – which appear as demon-like enemies in the video. Another new area we see is the lobby casino, which will allow you to play mini-games including slots and a four player shooting game. We are also told that the Arks Lobby will also be revamped in this update.

There are also new features added to the game such as the ability to dash longer, expansions to character class’ skill tress and the ability for your character to equip four accessories.

Speaking of characters, we also get a glimpse at some of the new characters that will appear in Phantasy Star Online 2, including an homage to the original Phantasy Star game with the ‘Nyau’ enemy.

The Episode 3 update goes live in Japan today for those that are playing Phantasy Star Online 2. Although there is no news of this game being localised for Western audiences, we are still holding out hope and will bring you any news on this title as and when it happens!

  • Luthee

    You’re rubbing it in with these news, every time T_T

    • JohnnyAppleseed

      Seriously. This is an english blog and until sega learns to localize their games they should really stop giving them the free publicity. PSO and PSU did well in the US and there is no reason for them to ignore those markets.