It’s that time once again; here’s September’s PlayStation Plus previews, covering both the North American and European regions.

Just a reminder: North Americans have joined Europeans in getting all Plus titles on the first PSN Store update of the month.

This means that Tuesday (September 2nd), the North American PSN will switch out everything currently on Plus for the new titles listed on the preview below – just like the European PSN will proceed to do the following day.

Both Regions

Joe Danger


“Take Joe on a ride from zero to hero in a game that lives up to its big brother with no compromises. Eye-popping super-smooth 60FPS graphics use only the very brightest colours on Vita’s lovely screen, and we’ve revamped the JD control scheme so it plays just as nicely, too, including touch controls for the editor modes!”

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (via Cross-buy)


“From Kratos to Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth to Parappa the Rapper, Sony characters from all over the gaming spectrum are brought together in a fighting adventure that’s both easy to play, and hard to master. Take the battle online for competitive multiplayer action, or go head to head with a group of friends on the couch and prove once and for all who’s really the best!”



“Glowing vectors, explosive particle effects and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are core elements of many modern arcade shooters – a style that Llamasoft defined with its seminal 90s tube shooter. TxK is the spiritual successor to that genre-defining work and brings you 100 levels of engrossing score-chasing gameplay, married to an outstanding soundtrack that will have your head nodding as you blast your way onto the scoreboards.”

Velocity 2X (via Cross-buy)


“Use the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart the evil Vokh in race-tuned space combat, then dock your ship, jump out and continue the fight on foot! Velocity 2X is the visually dazzling action packed sequel to Velocity Ultra, featuring amazing puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning shooter gameplay!”

Notice something there? North Americans and Europeans seems to be getting the same games this month – which is a good way of reducing what I call “Plus Envy”.

All these games can be yours, for the low price of a PlayStation Plus subscription – and that subscription will net you great deals on digital titles as well. If you don’t already have one, I suggest grabbing a year sub – both for the cost to coverage benefits as well as the fact that you’re not going to want it to run out on you 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    Sweet. Velocity 2X. I had a blast with Joe Danger on 360, back when I had one. Already have Battle Royale, but I may get back into it with the inevitable influx of new players.

  • Phelan

    Nothing for me.

    And like we were predicting Velocity is indeed in IGC. The release date made it obvious.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Velocity 2X and Joe Danger! Which is both games in one iirc? Fantastic month. Nice for those who have not played All Stars and TxK too.

  • Looking forward to 2X. PSAS being available for more people being around. Might make it easier for me to get that trophy for winning without dying. 😉