Compile Heart shared a couple of new Hyperdimension Neptunia U gameplay videos featuring old and new characters.

Hyperdimension Neptunia U is a little different to the other Neptunia games. It’s an action spinoff and doesn’t use the usual turn-based fighting mechanics. Compile Heart shows how the new fighting mechanics work in a batch of new gameplay videos. Veteran players will recognize the first few characters; Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram but there are a two new characters shown. Famous Japanese game magazines will be present; Dengekiko and Famitsu.


Nepgear uses a simple fighting style until she transform into her HDD form. Her special attacks “Slash Wave” and “Multiple Beam Launcher” hit hard and will take out nearby enemies.


Uni is the weapons expert, shooting her massive gun to take out enemies. When transformed to her HDD form she will be able to increase her reach and hit enemies a lot harder.


Rom uses magic for her attacks, her special attack “Thunderbolt” attacks enemies in a straight line. When she uses her EXE drive attack it will hit enemies all around her.


Ram also uses magic for her attacks but they are┬ánot as powerful as Rom’s attacks. The EXE drive attacks from Ram hit a lot harder to make up for this.


The first special guest we see is Dengekiko, this famous game news reporter uses a range of attacks and weapons we may have seen before. Like the others, her attacks will increase in power when she transforms.


Famitsu is the second special guest we see. This game news reporter swings her giant shrimp-like weapon to hit enemies around her. Both special guests have a lot more Special Attack points than the usual characters and rely on those attacks to take out enemies.

Hyperdimension Neptunia U releases August 28 in Japan.

  • nonscpo

    Still think its weird that they added “U” in their title considering a certain other platform this gen that I will not mention, among other things lol.

  • annoymouse

    Im surprise no one mentioned Dengekiko’s Ex attacks look like biri from A certain Magical Railgun series. Her first attack is an electric shock and her second shows her flicking a coin which turns into a beam.