Looks like the PSN will be down again today, this time for some scheduled maintenance that was postponed due to the DDoS issue early this week.

Monday was supposed to yield a bit of PlayStation Network maintenance, however due to the DDoS of Sony’s online services (an artificial traffic issue which slowed the service to a crawl) it was postponed. Now, that maintenance has been rescheduled for later today (Thursday), and is set to run for just over seven hours in North America and a whopping thirteen in Europe.

Here’s the times of the maintenance – in Pacific, Eastern and British Summer Time;

  • Thursday, August 28th from 9:40 AM to 4:50 PM Pacific Time
  • Thursday, August 28th from 12:40 PM to 7:50 PM Eastern Time
  • Thursday, August 28th from 4:00 PM to Friday, August 29th at 5:00 AM British Summer Time.

If you’ve successfully signed in to your account on a PS4 before the maintenance, or in the past 5 days on any other PlayStation device (including your Vita) you should be able to play multiplayer games and use other minor services while maintenance is going on – however the PlayStation Store, Account Management and PlayStation Home will likely be completely unavailable.

PSNStores has pointed out that the PlayStation Knowledge Centre states that the maintenance is to “upgrade the software for the PlayStation Store,”  while the Official PlayStation Forum post apparently only notes the update is to “deploy a series of back-end improvements to the network.”

Whether you’re unhappy about this maintenance, or simply hoping it’s that upgrade the PlayStation Store always needed – let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Phelan

    software for PS store?

    GOD I hope they will update Vita and PS3 store page.

    Vita page is totally broken, you don’t even see half of games that are on PSN. Most of times I have to open SEN (which in EU is also broken because some moron decided to remove PS2, PSX labels… even PSP one was missing some time ago)

    PS3 since times when they changed the layout for that Metro like xbox stuff… page is working much slower, it’s not as simple and clean as before was…. and well… how big moron you have to be to change original PS3 look to something similar to XBOX 360 layout…. why?

    And let’s not forget that there are some games that can be found only be search option… so if you don’t know that those exists… well… you won’t ever know.