Sony’s pre-TGS show has thrown up a few nice surprises for the Vita already and another one reported by Hardcore Gamer is that there will be a UMD passport service available for 250 unreleased titles from September 17th.

Hard core gamer said that no other details were mentioned other than it being connected to PlayStation Plus nor was there any news on the likelihood of this appearing in the west.

We think that this would be a great initiative for western PSP gamers that are yet to make the jump to the Vita, but Sony have previously indicated that it won’t be coming our way. What do you think, would you want this to happen for European or North American markets?

  • DarthConrad

    I would love this if it meant I could have a digital version of Breath of Fire 3 on my US account.

  • vongruetz .

    This one baffles me. Sony tried something like this, UMD Passport, when the Vita first launched in Japan. It would allow users to pay a small fee and get their UMD games digitally, but it was shut down after a few months.

    At the time they said that Passport service wouldn’t be coming west because the PSP was never as popular here as it was in Japan and so it wouldn’t be worth the cost.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Unreleased sounds pretty great. Maybe they can give download versions of titles people own the umd of that they cannot sell such as KH:BBS etc

  • nonscpo

    This wont come, theyve stated before there problems with releasing some of these games on PSN. I mean we still dont have any of the YUGIOH Tag Force games on PSN (dont know how that ever happened). Ive given up on this UMD transfer stuff with any hope well get some kind of consilation prize, but i somehow dought well even get that 🙁

  • Oh if only I could get Macross Frontier and Gundam vs Gundam on my Vita… One can dream 🙁