Coming this November, you’ll be able to show off your femininity with the new light pink/white PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 model.

The pre-Tokyo Game Show Sony keynote had quite a bit of good news for Vita owners inside, including the surprise announcement of a light pink/white PlayStation Vita model to compliment the large amount of otome games they’ve been releasing over there (otome games being directed at women, not men).

The light pink/white model will be available on November 13th in Japan (or via import), for the standard Vita hardware price of 19,980 yen (~$192 US).

Is pink the perfect thing to get your wife/girlfriend/daughter into gaming?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    Yesssssss. I wish they would bring all these colors to the US. They make the vita look so nice and I want a yellow one, and a light pink one. A female friend of mine has said more than once that she’d like a pale pink one, because I play lots of great stuff on mine. The vita’s a great starter console.

  • Perfect for me more like it, no significant other here. If I can get this and the capture mod, I’d be flying high.

  • nonscpo

    Do people really like mix colors? I would think a solid pink would be better, oh well whatever helps sell vita’s. Sony bring this over here asap unless you want to be attacked by the gaming media…Lol.