Marvelous announced at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s press conference today that a new Luminous Arc game, called Luminous Arc Infinity will be coming to the PlayStation Vita.

With producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto at the helm, we are told that songs will play an important part in this title. Little else was revealed about the title, but you can take a look at some screens of the game and the announcement trailer below.

Be sure to keep you eyes on the site for all the news on Luminous Arc Infinity as and when we hear it!

  • This was a very nice get. It’s hard to imagine a future without a Sony handheld when more games seem to be on the way.

    • nonscpo

      Out of curiosity wasnt there a PSP game for this franchise or is it just me?

      • I’m…uncertain to be honest, that’d require a google search.

  • Robert Pratama

    Finally, a sequel, i’m enjoying LA1 and LA2, kinda disappointing atlus don’t bring LA3 to the west, regardless game look good, localization pls

  • Lester Paredes

    Luminous Arc? Never heard of it. Gonna have to do some research.