It’s the third and final day of PAX for me; I got the chance to play a lot of games I’ve been really curious about, and even got some hands on time with the PlayStation TV!

Here’s some quick impressions from my third day of PAX.

Natural Doctrine

  • a challenging tactical RPG
  • well acted (good voice-over)
  • unique gameplay

Playing Natural Doctrine was kind of a slow start as it only had the tutorial available – from what I saw though, there was a great set oof gameplay mechanics, impressive graphics, and even a decent sounding English voice-over.

Natural Doctrine puts you in a world where you freely roam throughout a grid type layout. Moving between boxes will trigger the enemy’s turn, so make sure to set up your characters in strategic positions that will allow you the best chance in clearing out the enemies in front of you.

If you’re looking for a challenging tactical RPG on the go, this one just might be the one for you.

Check out the video I took below.

Murasaki Baby

  • unique touch based controls
  • strange (but interesting) graphics
  • challenging puzzles that seem to make you fail at first

Do you want to play something very unique? Well, Murasaki Baby could be just the thing you’re looking for.

This game has you guiding a little baby around by grabbing her hand and pulling her to where you want to go. She carries around a balloon that basically represents her health, and if it happens to pop then you lose. There are many obstacles in your way to pop said balloon, such as monsters, spikes and flying safety pins – and you must guide the baby through them safely in order to continue. One of the cool features the game has is that you can use the back touch panel to set the mood, and by tapping the panel you can cause different things to happen (like rain, for instance).

The thing I loved the most was the unique graphics and how it made you feel like you had to protect this child from any danger. Being that it’s all touch based I was a little worried and turned off when it was announced at Gamescom, but playing the game has definitely quelled my fears… and even managed to put it on my radar.

Check out the video I took below.

PlayStation TV (and Danganronpa 2)

While I was at PAX I also had a chance to play some PlayStation TV – and on it was Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

They had it running with the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller, and everything seemed to work quite well. The only thing that was frustrating to me was that they choose Danganronpa 2 as their showcase title; while it may be an awesome game, there’s not much to the main game other then story breaks and walking around. I would have loved to test the system with a more demanding game (both control-scheme wise and graphically), and because of this I feel like I can’t really judge it too well yet,

On the bright side, playing Danganronpa 2 on the big screen was so awesome; it looked really clear and I didn’t notice any pixelation. 🙂

PAX Prime was a lot of fun this year; I had the chance to play quite a few of the awesome games coming to the Vita and talk with some great developers. In particular, Freedom Wars was a ton of fun – and so was Murasaki Baby.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage of PAX Prime, and if you missed the first two posts they can be found here and here. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the last day, and am now back at home relaxing and taking it all in.

These games better hurry up and come out, though 😀

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