Have you been playing Table Top Racing? We certainly have and Playrise Digital have been in touch to tell us about a new patch which has gone live to fix a few things.

The patch addresses:

  • The All-Star Specialist Trophy glitch
  • A fix for the shortcut blocking collision on the Toys ‘R’ Asleep track
  • Music/audio balance resolved
  • Drift High Score leaderboard fixed
  • Controls layout added to the options page
  • Option to¬†look back on or off
  • Prices reduced for paint schemes on all cars

Do any of these fixes address any issues you have been having? Are you still playing or enjoying the game?

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Paul founded The Vita Lounge and is the Executive Editor, but still likes to get involved with the odd piece of news or a review. 35 years young and gaming since 1990, he has a preference for Action/RPG games, Shooters, Racing Games (despite ironically not being able to drive!) and quite partial to a game of FIFA.
  • DietSoap

    Controls layout added to the options page
    Option to look back on or off
    These two are nice. It didn’t happen too often, but I sometimes found myself looking back by accident.

  • BrianRubin

    How are you guys liking this game?

  • Devin Hudson

    I had nearly completed the game prior to the patch, so it mainly just helped me get that last trophy that was glitched. I did hold off on one of the special events because of the glitch, so it did help with that as well by fixing one of the shortcuts. I definitely would have liked to have that option to turn the look back off when I was playing, as it was a bit troublesome for me at times.

    Overall I’d say the game is pretty fun. It can feel a bit generic at times, but once you learn the tracks (and find the shortcuts, which a lot of the time are risk/reward in nature) it opens up a bit. And I really liked the drift mode as well once I figured out how to drift properly.

  • BRS25

    so if we got the game via the psn glitch, will the patch block the game?