We have briefly mentioned Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops before and thanks to Wired Productions we now have a few more details and can now show you the new trailer for the game.

Adam McGowan told us a little bit about the game via the EU PlayStation Blog.

“Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is an epic bite sized arcade shooter, filled to the brim with action-packed mini maps of mayhem! Take control of your miniature marines as you battle evil foes from around the world with a multitude of weapons and specialist soldiers. Collect medals, dog tags and Intel during the course of each mission. With over seven hours of gun toting explosive gameplay, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is miniature warfare on a massive scale!”

We were told that the game is very close to releasing and pricing details will be confirmed in due course, but it will have cross-play and save with all three versions.

Joint Ops is based on the two mobile games Tiny Troopers 1 and Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops and features all the content from both titles as well as additional Zombie modes. The visuals have been enhanced as well as refinements to the controls to take advantage of the twin stick controls on PlayStation, although the Vita version will feature optional touch controls to move your units and directs attacks. The levelling system has also been changed from the mobile versions and uses command points accrued through missions to upgrade your soldier’s set up. This removes need for in app purchases, which will not be making an appearance.

Adam also went on to confirm that the game has over seven hours worth of gameplay split over 58 single player missions.

Does this look like something you will enjoy? We will bring you more news as we have it!

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Since Shuhei-san-of-a-bitch once said the Vita is a ‘great’ device to spend
    your 15-minutes on, it seems he meant it’d be receiving some mobile garbage. And
    considering how abusive sony really is because of the Vita memory card,
    it’s very likely this game will come with In-app-purchases.
    So much for the Vita promise: ‘console-like games on the go’.

    • Phelan

      I like Yoshida-san as a person… not really as a SCE President.

      But “san-of-a-bith” is a bit too much… he really is nice person!

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        I used to like him as well until he opened his mouth to talk about Vita stuff.

        I dislike him because he always plays the victim when it comes to the ‘feedback’ from gamers. But when there is some bad Vita news, he is the official announcer. He is the guy who dodges the eternal question, ‘why does the Vita memory card cost so much?’ since 2011 and -again- never tells us the true reason. Somebody who prefers to tell us the same bs instead of giving us what we want to know is a liar for omitting the truth.
        In short, I watch his IGN/CNET interviews and I can see through his lies. That’s why I dislike him.

        • Phelan

          No, I do agree with you about things he is doing. Don’t take me wrong.

          But even when I was asking him over and over again to bring freedom wars retail to europe… he didn’t ban me. When I complained about Destiny of Spirits progress not saved on servers… he replied to me and we even talked a lil bit.

          He is really nice person! But as SCE President he is…. just not the right person.

    • Lester Paredes

      Why don’t you quit being a dick?

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        And why don’t you quit being a pussy? Just so you get the feeling I’m fucking you up?

        • Lester Paredes

          Wow. You are a horrible person, who seems to have just discovered swearing for the first time in your life, hiding behind internet anonymity to hurl the insults you wouldn’t have the gall to say in person, because you know that would just get you your daily allowance of calcium from the swallowed teeth that you got punched loose from your jaw.

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            Go ahead and judge me, that’s what you do. I can be a prick sometimes. But I won’t take any shit from you, just know this: if you want to make this real personal, I can make it happen, we’ll meet and settle the issue anytime. But that’s gonna be *bad* for you because you can’t handle a guy like me, unless you’re that good or that stupid 🙂

          • Lester Paredes

            Your vitriol is what’s wrong with the Internet. I wasn’t judging you, I was calling you out on the way you are behaving. Act like a dick and I’ll call you a dick. It’s not judging if that’s what you are being. And I’m at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital currently. Why don’t you come on over and I can help you get your calcium intake as I knock out your teeth. As an added plus, you’re already at the hospital, so it won’t take long for the paramedics to scrape you up off of the floor.

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            *yawn* “I’m at the hospital… blabla I’ll do this I’ll do that..” please do not suffer a heart attack while reading to this.
            Go get some sleep grandpa. Don’t forget your medicine. And don’t make me laugh, I’m still mad at you.

          • Lester Paredes

            Oh no! You’re mad at me? How will I ever survive? I tell this bastard where I work and to come on over so I can teach him some manners and, SURPRISE! He chickens out.

    • Pata

      Look, fair criticism is fine, but criticising without arguments is not fine. Firstly, calling something you may not have played “garbage” (and if you have played it in a mobile I would like to know why is it that) is not exactly stating an opinion. And secondly, if you had read the article before posting, it clearly states that in-app purchases won’t be making an appearance. And in-app purchases doesn’t mean a game is garbage, just see the critically acclaimed Dead Space 3 or PvZ: Garden Warfare.

      As for Yoshida, I won’t make any comment about him, but if you have read many interviews with alt execs from Sony you should know what to expect Vita-wise, that said you can ask for games you want to have on your Vita as much as you like.

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        A garbage game is a port that you think it’s funny for a couple of minutes and then you just leave it behind – or in other cases a game that you play daily for 15-minutes (maybe even less) and get sick of it very quickly [due to the lack of replay value, something very common from Android port(s), you’ll know what I’m talking about if you ever tried Z-Run]. As far as my gaming experience on Android goes, and judging by the looks of it, this one seems to be just like it.
        There needs to be a differentiation between Android and Vita games, that’s why I don’t like the idea of bringing Runner games on the Vita.
        For the mobile gamers, give them Android 15-min games. For the Vita audience, give them something worth spending a lot of time, that’s what the mobile ‘console’ experience should be all about. We’re explorers, not a cheap, brainless audience looking for quick fun.
        Dead Space 3 came from the consoles and saw a mobile release, no wonder why it was critically acclaimed. I won’t talk about PvZ because I have not played it and I won’t. The Vita has a lot of console users and to keep them happy, Sony should offer them the console experience, nothing less. That’s why we spent $245 on it, not to mention the memory card. I won’t mention Yoshida to not trigger somebody else’s comment. Sometimes I just let it show how disappointed and pissed I am back in the day when I read his interview, stating less Vita support.
        Finally in my opinion, if Sony wants to port Android games and keep the handheld relevant, then they gotta port the most relevant -read most critically acclaimed Android games like Modern Combat, Skygamblers, Ravensword, etc- to it and not at random like they’re doing. It certainly will cost but I doubt it would be as much as making a new Vita game from the scratch.

    • pimlicosound

      You didn’t read the article.

      “The levelling system has also been changed from the mobile versions and uses command points accrued through missions to upgrade your soldier’s set up. This removes need for in app purchases, which will not be making an appearance.”

  • sulpheed

    i also dont like what sony do with ps vita .i feel like sony never want ps vita compete with 3ds because 3ds from nintendo,a japan company .Sony just want to fight microsoft .Take away all exclusives of ps vita for ps4,thats suck .this just make me hate ps4 too zz .sorry if my english not good .
    wish microsoft make a powerful handheld,i will buy it .

  • Buckybuckster

    Saving the AAA vs. Indie vs. IOS port debate for later, I will say that as long as it’s a fun game to play I will probably pick it up someday. That Guns Up game looks a bit more interesting though.

    • sulpheed

      i never buy indie game,especially crossbuy games .Crossbuy games mean those game have double or triple chance coming to IGC .youre not a ps vita owner or ps vita’s not your main system that why you could say that .your ps4 get many AAA games ,so you better not troll ps vita with your comment.

      • Bucky is a PS Vita owner and owns many games. He’s not trolling, he’s pointing out that games are about being fun. This “AAA” notion does not always equate to more fun. Go and have a look at Velocity 2X, from an indie studio and seriously tell me that it hasn’t got extremely high production values. There is a reason that titles like that are getting tremendous critical acclaim.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          I’m with Paul and Bucky – PSVita is my main system (I have 80+ games for it) and some of my favourite experiences with it have been indie titles. AAA doesn’t always equal fun, and indie doesn’t always equal boring.

  • Wow, what a mess. If you do not like a particular game or it is not to your tastes that is fine, but please do not make the comments descend into a slanging match or a battlefield.
    There is currently far too much hatred and anger in videogames, people need to really remember why we play games; because they are fun.
    Personal attacks against other readers will not be tolerated.