Sackboy is making his return to the PS Vita in a new free-to-play game called Run SackBoy! Run! The game will be a platformer-survival runner that will feature SackBoy as he runs through Craftworld and tries to escape from the clutches of the sinister Negativitron.

Run SackBoy! Run!, which will also be coming to iOS and Android devices, will see Sackboy jump and run through three popular LittleBigPlanet worlds. You will use simple touch controls to collect bubbles which can then be used to purchase new costumes and items. And this time, those costumes will also feature built-in scoring multipliers to boost your score on the leaderboards. You’ll also be able to take advantage of different power-ups such as the Jet Pack, Magnet, Shield, and Glider (sadly no mention of the Cupcake Cannon).


The game will feature a “mission ladder system” which provides you with different challenges in each play through. This should add a little more variety as you run through the three levels collecting stickers and bubbles. And speaking of stickers, as you collect them, you get to fill up your sticker book. Once the book is complete, you’ll be rewarded with special prizes. Some of those prizes and costumes will then carry over into LittleBigPlanet 3 when it launches in November.

Run SackBoy! Run! seems to be more of a complimentary game than a full-on stand alone one. Much like Knack’s Quest, this game is probably more of a promotional device than anything else. Still, free is free and it will be available in October.

  • Robert Backland

    Does it feel like they’re just kind of milking it now?

    • ruefrak

      I think it’s a pretty good sign that this game is coming to the Vita. It’s clearly an iOS/Android game much like that Knack game or the Vita Pets one was, but neither of those made it over to the Vita.

      Looks entertaining enough, and it actually looks really good visually.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    They’re putting out there in hopes of kids and casual gamers getting acquainted with the littlebigplanet IP and being attracted to the other games and playstation consoles.

    That being said.

    If you can’t sell a portable console that’s half the price and has a touch screen to kids and casual gamers, you’re a bit of a joke and should be worried about selling them a home console.

    • Elvick

      I don’t think you realize how the handheld and console market are vastly different.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        I do. I don’t think you realize how poorly they did with their handheld. And what a state the brand was in after the ps3.

        Microsoft was selling more family games for months with a $100 more expensive console. Which means families were choosing the more expensive console to play multiplatform games because of the xbox brand. They couldn’t move a $200 less expensive handheld, with a touch screen in it and a longer list of accessible games. Though it’d probably help if they actually tried to sell it to that audience.

  • Sounds like a fun little runner game 🙂 I do wonder if the Vita version will also have button controls

  • Marcus Blackstock

    I’m liking what I see, too bad the last mobile game (Fat Princess) didn’t work on my phone (which is not exactly outdated) cause this will probably be the same.

    • Elvick

      Shame, Piece of Cake is awesome. I stopped playing it on mobile to wait for the Vita version though.

  • Buckybuckster

    Besides the fact that I am forever amazed that running has become a established genre of gaming, I think I will pick this up (it’s free after all DUHH!). My only worry is that it will make use of that floaty LBP physics system. Not suited so well for a runner.