Run Like Hell! is making the leap from mobile to PS Vita on September 16. 

In Run Like Hell! you will have to run (obviously), jump, and slide to escape the hoard of unhappy cannibals who want to have you for dinner. Sprint from a tropical beach, through the rain forests, and deep into chilly caves to try and make it to your boat to get off this island. This Indiana Jones inspired adventurer (who also seems to look A LOT like Nathan Drake) will get to use adrenaline boosts and other helpful extras sprinkled throughout each level in order to evade those nasty spears.

And if Nathan Drake look-a-likes aren’t your thing, you can choose between 12 different characters to play as. You will also be able to unlock some unusual characters such as a Ninja or Zombie.

This infinite runner will give you three ways to play: Story, Arcade (endless runner), and an online mode which will offer tournaments and challenges with friends. There will be global leaderboards and 50 different objectives you can try to complete.

There’s no price yet but that information should be arriving soon.

  • Lester Paredes

    That looks silly. (in before mobile game hate!)

    • vongruetz .

      So I downloaded this to my Xperia Play and gave it a go. Turns out, I really enjoyed it. It’s a fun/challenging game. I’d like to see it without the ads and no microtransactions asking me to buy extra coins after every level. But the basic gameplay is pretty solid (and I too expect the mobile game hate to be strong with this one)

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks good, but I think I would pick up the Sackboy runner before this one.

  • SeVok

    There’s no place for games of this nature, build around microtransactions and whatnot.
    Not saying all implementations are equally bad, but as far as I am concerned those game can stay where they are on the mobile platforms.

    I paid the whopping €8 for Z-Run on the Vita, which is pretty hefty for that game in retrospect, but at least it was mine all the way without any further surprises.