Murasaki Baby
Murasaki Baby

We knew that Ovosonico’s touch controlled puzzle-platformer would be getting a September release but we didn’t know exactly when until now.

Thanks to some detective work from our UK Staff Writer James, we now know that the game will release on September 17th in Europe. Just for good measure, James followed up with the developer just to clarify and received the following response.

We don’t have a confirmed NA date yet, but it’s safe to say it will probably arrive on the 16th.

Tyler got some hands on with Murasaki Baby at PAX Prime, and if you haven’t seen any of the game running in action it’s well worth a watch.

Tyler said of the game:

“This game has you guiding a little baby around by grabbing her hand and pulling her to where you want to go. She carries around a balloon that basically represents her health, and if it happens to pop then you lose. There are many obstacles in your way to pop said balloon, such as monsters, spikes and flying safety pins – and you must guide the baby through them safely in order to continue. One of the cool features the game has is that you can use the back touch panel to set the mood, and by tapping the panel you can cause different things to happen (like rain, for instance).

The thing I loved the most was the unique graphics and how it made you feel like you had to protect this child from any danger. Being that it’s all touch based I was a little worried and turned off when it was announced at Gamescom, but playing the game has definitely quelled my fears… and even managed to put it on my radar.”

Have you been looking forward to Murasaki Baby? Has it suddenly caught your interest? We will bring you a review as soon as we can, but why not let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCEUK PlayStation Site
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