That rhythm/vocaloid game from the producer of Senran Kagura couldn’t hit its second note and has been pushed back yet again.

The Kenichiro Takaki-involved IA/VT Colourful was originally supposed to ship on July 31st in Japan and was originally delayed to Fall 2014. Now, Marvelous Inc has announced that the titleĀ is getting the “delayed” treatment again; this time into an unspecified window of 2015.

No more information was given (not even a “why”) regarding the delay, but we’ll be sure to keep a look out as usual.

  • nonscpo

    Great! a delayed game is always better than a rushed game, besides the more polished the better it will be when it finally gets localised.

  • Nyuton

    I can accept this as long as they polish their game even further like Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f.

  • This is great but also upsetting x3