Rock Boshers DX is an retro “8-way directional puzzley arcade shooter” and we have today learned that a Director’s Cut is going to be appearing on the Vita via a tweet from the developer, Tikipod Ltd.

Originally available as a PSM title, the game features you as a young Queen Victoria, who has grown tired of performing her Royal duties and she sneaks away to the recently populated colony on Mars. Once there she is betrayed and forced to work in the Martian mines with her fellow companions, and it’s down to you to help her fight her way across Mars and attempt to escape back home.

We will bring you more news as we have it, until then why not keep an eye on the developer’s website here or by following Tikipod on Twitter.

  • aros

    Great news. Enjoyed this on PSM (it was a launch title IIRC?) and will be happy to buy a cheap Vita version.with trophy support. Didn’t realise you played as the Queen in it though, I thought you were just a normal guy who gets tricked into thinking it’s a great colonial opportunity. If that’s a stroy addition they should remove it IMO as it’s ridiculous.