Square Enix is bringing two of their free-to-play mobile games to PS Vita; Deadman’s Cross and Rise of Mana.

The two titles are mentioned on their Tokyo Games Show page and they are planned for a release on PS Vita this winter.

Deadman’s Cross

Deadman’s Cross is a zombie-themed RPG and works with collectible cards. The PS Vita version of Deadman’s Cross lets you choose between traditional controls or touchscreen controls. This game is available worldwide on mobile phones right now.

Watch the launch trailer for the mobile game to get an idea of Deadman’s Cross:

Rise of Mana

Rise of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG. The mobile game features 8-player coop and microtransactions to progress faster. Rise of Mana has been optimized for use with the Logitech iOS controller so it will be right at home on PS Vita.

Watch the Japanese trailer for the mobile game to get an idea of Rise of Mana:

Deadman’s Cross and Rise of Mana are planned for this winter, if the games are coming to the West is unknown for now.

  • Lester Paredes

    Take out the micro-transactions and I might just bite on that Mana game.