It has been announced today on the European PlayStation Blog that a brand new PS Vita bundle featuring EA Sports FIFA 15 will be launched on September 26th.


The bundle, featuring a PS Vita 2000, a 4GB memory card and a digital code for FIFA 15, will be available in the following regions; Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, South Africa, Turkey and Italy.

With a recommended retail price of €199.99, it is suggested to check with your favoured retailer to find out whether they will have availability of the bundle come release.

  • vongruetz .

    This is going to be amazing! This will sell Vita’s! This is – wait. Is that a 4gb memory card? Ah man. It was so awesome up until then. Put in the 8 for crying out loud. The 8gb should be the minimum!!

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      FIFA from EA is a game that receives annual graphical updates on all platforms.. but Vita, where the graphics engine is still the same, it only changes the players’ data.
      That 4GB memory card reflects how sony could careless about our complaints, they know Europeans will buy it anyway and to guarantee that extra cash (as if €199.99 wasn’t too much already), they’ll wait whoever bought this memory card to run out of space and go buy an other memory card. Expensive and dirty, that’s their style.

      I feel bad for the Europeans who’ll buy this bundle. If only Konami decided to bring their PES on Vita, EA wouldn’t dare to not innovate and mask a 3 years old game as brand new.

      • Phelan

        Yup… this bundle doesn’t have any sense

        -It’s more expensive than bundles with older VIta, which is simply better (materials, screen etc)

        -It offers only one game… other bundles 3-8 games

        -only 4GB memory card… that’s space for FIFA and FIFA alone… other bundle gives 8-16GB

        -life span of FIFA bundle is just one year, because next year there will be another FIFA game… and nobody will buy bundle with old FIFA…. Is 1 year enough for a big price drop? I don’t think so…. It will stay 200 EUR for a year… and than suddenly it will become worthless.

        So sorry to say… but you would have to be stupid to buy this bundle. For about 160-170 EUR you can buy bundle with old Vita with 8-16 GB card + more games. So wouldn’t it be better to just pick up FIFA separately? That way you would pay similar price + have physical FIFA.

        • GeminiR

          Unless you have no Vita already. Good for new users, a nice christmas gift for unknowing parents to buy. What is outrageous is that this bundle has a digital code! This way not only they reduce THEIR costs, but you have to sacrifice your memory card to this beast, and have no option to sell the outdated game card next year to recoup some of your money. For one part I want it badly to sell to expand Vita’s userbase, but I’ll feel guilty for every one that purchases it! Sony and EA… axis of evil

      • GeminiR

        Yes… but you are already a Vita owner, so it makes no sense. I think this is good for pushing the Slim Vita along with new owners using the double hook of an (overrated) desirable game plus a shiny new vita. Those owners won’t have the negative bias of having been ripped off with fifa 13 and 14, so it may work. The 4 GB is really offensive, as it is basically a dedicated cartridge (Fifa 13 was 2.78 Gig and I doubt ’15 has shrunk in size). Not one to defend Sony, but this looks more like EA’s style of overcharging for it’s infamous ‘fifa line of $5 expansion pack sold at full game price’.

        But you are right… if only Konami would enter the Vita market!

      • vongruetz .

        PES definitely needs to make an appearance on Vita. I think it would do great.

        As for FIFA, yes it gets updated every year, but it never really changes. I just got FIFA for the PS4, and it looks just like FIFA for the Vita. Sure there are some minor tweaks here and there, but for the most part, it’s the same.

  • SeVok

    The bundle is good to draw in more people, in Europe FIFA sells very well to all sort of audiences. It’s about time since two or three “legacy” iterations EA revamps this game for the Vita, because it’s essentially the original Fifa Football at launch with updates roster and minor tweaks.

    Also the pricing does not make any sense. The “adventure mega pack” is for sale, which is a PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Slim + Memory Card 8GB + Adventure Mega Pack (Uncharted – Golden Abyss, Escape Plan, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, TxK) for the same price. But then again as I said, it’s not bad for the Vita to draw in that football loving crowd in Europe, this might sell better than the other pack due to the Fifa brand.

  • GeminiR

    The Vita FIFA 13 bundle was the rage in Latin America, and this one will too if timely introduced (i.e. Christmas 14). Hopefully it finally gives the coup de grace to the aforementioned bundle, and we can see substantial rebates to the OLED vita! 😀

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