A number of new Gunpla and a new stage has been revealed for Bandai Namco GamesGundam Breaker 2.

The new level is called ‘Gundam Cafe’ and is a real-world location in Odaiba, Tokyo. You will do battles on the tables of the Gundam base of operations. You will be able to do this with Gunpla such as the ones below, which have been revealed in Famitsu as being playable in the game;

  • Gundam GP02 Physalis (All body parts)
  • AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra (Whole body)
  • Denan Zon (Whole body)
  • Dendrobium (Whole body)
  • The-O (Whole body)
  • Gundam 00 QAN[T]
  • V2 Assault Gundam
  • V2 Buster Gundam
  • Kampfer
  • GN-X
  • Shining Gundam
  • Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW
  • Gundam GP01Fb Zephyranthes

Due to release on PlayStation Vita in Japan this Winter, keep an eye on TVL for all the Gundam news you need!

  • Lester Paredes

    My Kingdom for a good Gundam game on Vita in the West.

    • GeminiR

      ANY Gundam game … ! 🙁