$120,000 needed to bring Quadrangle Games Inc’s RPG to Sony’s handheld.

32-bit Anthropomorphic RPG Sanctum Polis- Rest Eternal Memory has been given Sony stretch goals, meaning accompanied with PS3 and PS4 versions, a PS Vita port could be in the works, if the Kickstarter can reach $120,000 before October 19th.

The goal for the project is $55,000, which would see an English and Spanish PC version of the game released. For a Vita port of Sactum Polis, the Kickstarter would need to more than double its target goal. At the time of writing the amount raised currently stands at $10,575 with 38 days to go, though the developer is also accepting funds through PayPal where the current donation figure is $855.

The game follows Caxton, a Shiba Inu (small Japanese Dog), who finds himself thrown into Solaris Notre University, a religious reform school that takes in trouble making youths and brain washes them into working for Solaris the Sun Goddess as clergy. The University is split into two castles, with one housing male students and the other female. Luckily our hero meets a  group of students who go by the name of Silent Uproar, and are seeking escape from the University.


The game takes an unique twist when Caxton discovers he has the ability to invade dreams, Inception style. During the day players can build relationships with other characters and attend classes, but at night you enter the Dreamworld and battle the evil creatures who dwell within. Similar to other games in the genre, the relationships you forge with other characters affect how your game will play out, and ultimately decide the ending you get.

Sanctum 2

You can donate to the project by clicking here.

Will you be helping Sanctum Polis reach its stretch goal? Does the unique storyline appeal to you? Let TVL know in the comments section!

  • nonscpo

    $120,000 thats a pretty high goal! the vita community would have to band toghether and raise110% of it funding to reach such a goal.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting. I like the premise, minus the furry angle. I must admit, furries aren’t my favorite thing, but if the game is good, it won’t deter me. That said, I dislike it when Vita is just a stretch goal. There’s never a guarantee that my money will go to fund the release of the game on the platform of my choice.

  • aros

    Sounds awesome, here’s hoping it makes it to Vita!

  • Hey there, just wanted to give you all a heads up that the Playstation Stretch Goal has moved significantly up on the list. So instead of $120k to reach it, it’s just $75k. So there very well may be a chance for this to actually make it on Sony consoles if we reach the stretch goals after all. ^_^