This week’s Famitsu has revealed that Sega are working on a new free-to-play ‘online theatre RPG’ called The World End Eclipse and it is coming to PlayStation Vita this Winter in Japan.

With Valkyria Chronicles 2 producer Shinji Motoyama taking the reigns and Katsumi Enami handling character design, the game is set in a world that has been decimated by a war between dragons. The game’s setting features both military and fantasy elements, with the people who built a city on the back of a dragon carcass after being forced off the land getting caught up in a conflict between both people and attacking goblins.

The World End Eclipse is also set to release on PC and smartphones, with saved data compatible between all three devices. We are also told that the game’s world may change depending on how players act within the world and that the game will feature cross-platform co-op play.

As always, The Vita Lounge will keep you informed of all the news for The World End Eclipse as and when it happens!

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