Telltale Games ‘critically acclaimed’ episodic graphic adventure finally has a release window for PS Vita.

The company behind The Walking Dead, has revealed via a tweet that the complete first season of The Wolf Among Us will be heading to stores this November.


No confirmation of a digital release was announced, but taking into account the companies complete season one release with The Walking Dead on Vita, it is more than likely that  digital and physical versions will release at the same time.

Based on the ‘Fables’ graphic novels by Bill Willingham, The Wolf Among Us follows characters from various Fairy Tales and Folklore who have been forced out of their homelands by ‘The Adversary’ who have conquered their realm. The fairy tale creatures are forced to living in New York City, where a ‘Fabletown’ community is established. All fairytale creatures must blend in to avoid detection from the real world, with creatures who do not have a human form having to pay for magic potions called ‘Glamours’, which give them a human appearance for a short time.

The game plays as a murder mystery, with you playing as Bigby Wolf, aka The Big Bad Wolf, as he investigates a number of gruesome murders in Fabletown. Fans of The Walking Dead will already be familiar with the gameplay, with the player choosing how conversations will play out, which route to take during an investigation and ultimately who lives and who dies.

The story deals with themes such as poverty and prejudice, and although based around Fairy tales, has an extremely dark overhanging storyline.

Telltale have already announced that their upcoming game Tales from the Borderlands will be coming to Vita, meaning that it is likely that their Game of Thrones title will also be making its way to Sony’s Handheld.

Telltale also revealed in a seperate tweet that a physical and digital copy of the complete The Walking Dead: Season Two will arrive on Vita in October.

walking Dead

Will you be picking up a copy of the complete first season The Wolf Among Us when it releases for Vita in November? Let us know in the comment section!

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  • Charlie Large

    Great news! I cannot wait to play The Wolf Among Us after all the rave reviews I’ve heard for the PS3 version. Been waiting for it to come to the PlayStation Vita for a while and now it’s almost here! I’m definitely getting this one!

  • Carl

    Not interested in the Wolf Among Us. I’d rather have the Game of Thrones game on Vita, along with The Walking Dead (but at least I hope they create a better 3rd season, the second one was awful).

  • aros

    Got both preordered!

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Remember this; ( They must have meant “next Fall”, haha.

    On a side note, interested to get my hands on this one and see if it lives up to the hype.

  • Thulsa

    I’ve had both pre-ordered on Amazon for months now, I don’t see why everyone is reporting it as news when we have known about the release and even the release date for many months. $25 for each on Amazon is pretty sweet too.

    • Jesse Walker

      I think the definitive release date is news, I too have had this pre-ordered for a bit, but amazon just and the safety date of dec 31 as delivery.

  • nonscpo

    Too late in my opinion this game is coming out at a terrible time, by now I have lost all interest in this game. There are simply way too many Vita games now, this game should have come out during the summer.

  • Another game to add to my ever growing list oh boy haha

  • Slizarus

    I don’t think there could be too many vita games :p I love this one, got it during a psn sale, every episode release meant me sitting at my ps3 not moving till it was finished.

  • zelduck

    great, another interactive movie 🙁

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