More information has been revealed that gives us new details and screens on Bandai Namco‘s upcoming title Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

We are told all about new character Yuuko, learn about a disease known as the ‘EDEN Syndrome’ and find out about ‘Network Dungeons’ that are only accessible to your character. Find out more below!

> EDEN Syndrome

Rumour has it that a mysterious disease known as the EDEN Syndrome is plaguing the world. A strange disease that develops within heavy users of the EDEN Cyberspace, it is said to be caused by those that use illegally tampered Digivices or by a ‘Brain Jack’. You will find that those suffering from the EDEN Syndrome virus have either had their brain overloaded by a Digivices’ data download or their brain jacked by a hacker. No one knows the source of this, but those that suffer from the disease are contained within a special hospital facility in order to prevent chaos in the world. When the game’s hero pays a visit to the hospital, the truth of this disease is revealed before their eyes!

>Yuuko Kamishiro


Visiting the hospital to investigate the cause of the EDEN Syndrome, Yuuko Kamishiro is a girl with dark hair and sad eyes. Whilst at the hospital the game’s hero appears before her. Someone close to Yuuko appears to be affected by the EDEN Syndrome disease, what request will Yuuko ask of the hero?

> Network Dungeons

Humans, by nature, cannot enter into the electronic world. However, our hero has a unique ability called the ‘Connect Jump’ which grants him the power to do just that. By using the power of the Digimon, various information can be accessed by the hero.

  • Bypass Security and Enter the Network – As mentioned above, humans cannot enter the local server and cyberspace where valuable data is stored. The hero however, using his ‘Connect Jump’ ability, can enter this space and use the Network World to enter and escape facilities.
  • Explore Network Dungeons Protected by Security – Normal users cannot gain access to the Network Dungeons. For the world inaccessible to regular human beings, unlike the EDEN Cyberspace, this is a world where only electronic data exists.
  • Use Your Digimon’s Special Skills to Hack Security – Various types of security are located throughout the Network World. Using your Digimon’s special hacking skills you can gain access to a whole host of information. The hacking skills available to you can increase by level, by gathering Digimon together and by having specific attributes. You can also obtain rare skills from certain Digimon through events and suchlike.
  • Battle in the Network Dungeons – There are Digimon that wander the Network Dungeons, including Gatomon and BlackGatomon. It is said that the BlackGatomon is extremely rare, with only a small percentage of them existing.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is scheduled for a 2015 release in Japan. There is no news as of yet on a Western release for the title. Check TVL for all news regarding the game and for the meantime, check out the gallery below;

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