Amon26’s acclaimed indie title coming to Vita next year.

Have you heard of Gyossait? The game is a horror-platformer by designer, musician and artist Amon26 and is set to release on the PlayStation Vita in 2015.

The premise of the title is that many years ago, a god named Oyeatia, the creator of man, and a goddess of earth named Gyossait clashed. Oyeatia made man as a gift to her, but she saw their neglect of her planet as an insult and killed millions in a cataclysm. Enraged, Oyeatia dashed her apart across her own planet, burying her essence into the core as a prison no god could ever reach. As time passes, his regret and loneliness overwhelms him. The only way to find her again is to die as a god, forsake his creation, and seek her out as a mortal.

We will bring you more news as we have it, make sure you keep an eye on the website and TVL, and you can followr Amon26 on Twitter.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Looks like an instant buy for me.

  • aros

    Looks awesome, it’s a buy for me too.