Ogre Head studio’s unforgiving Hack ‘n’ Slash title around “60% complete”.

Thanks to our good friends at Punk and Lizard we have leaned of an upcoming title called Asura from Indian developers Ogre Head studio.

Labelled as an “unforgiving hack ‘n’ slash roguelike”, Asura sees you assuming the role of a titular demon prince, who has been imprisoned by the deva empire in the arena. You will need to fight your way through hordes of enemies as you defeat them wave after wave crushing Champions and bosses along the way. With challenge heroes inspired by Indian Mythology along you adventure you can level up which will unlock and upgrade various elemental runes. With many chests to open and items to discover you must beware of death, as when the player is defeated all his equipped item will be lost.

Ogre Head Studios told Punk and Lizard that the game is around 60% complete at present, and features the following gameplay mechanics:

  •  Unique Attribute & Stat system; After every wave, you get to add elemental runes which can increase the stats, learn new abilities and earn new passives.
  • Over 65 unique runes to unlock; Unlock and upgrade from a roster of more than 65 runes by spending your glory points!
  •  Races of Enemies, Champions and Bosses to unlock; Unlock enemies and champions inspired by Indian mythology each with its own unique characteristics, skills and traits!
  • Roguelike gameplay Experience; Be sure to be very careful, as the player will loose all his equipped items immediately after defeat no matter what kind of enemy or difficulty he or she is playing.
  • Tons of Epic Loot to plunder; The player may encounter many chest from the gods which can be opened to reveal new items and accessories. He will also be rewarded with epic chests when he defeats a champion or a boss.
  • – Unleash the Raksahasa abilities; Collect and equip whole set to unlock the epic Rakshasa abiities and metamorph into a demon to wreck havoc in the arena.

We will keep you informed on Asura’s development, in the meantime why not follow Ogre Head on Twitter or visit Asura’s website?


  • aros

    Sounds cool, not sure about the screens though. Will buy if there’s a fair price and introductory discount.