UK Developer Carnivore Studio sets £20,000 Vita target for upcoming title.

Do you love visual novels? Horror? This upcoming title from Bromley based developer Carnivore Studio just might be your thing, and it has a Vita stretch goal.

Set against the backdrop of Kodoku Island, the title focuses around a group of characters in a hostile environment full of dangerous and insane individuals. With a mostly linear story, decisions you take in the game will difference to scenarios. Carnivore Studio say that the game will be frightening, an make you want to take a break but you will return for the thrill.

The core cobalt mechanics will be:

  • When you encounter a monster, you have a certain percentage of change to destroy it.
  • Then, you need to pickup the spells you want to cast on this enemy. Each combination will do more or less damage and will increase or decrease your Luck. Your perspicacity will help you to find the proper spell combination depending on enemies weaknesses.
  • When you can increase your chance to kill an enemy by sacrificing you health points. This increase your percentage of chance to eliminate the monster. If you succeed, the monster get hit and lose some Health Points.

Of course, on a single fight you can safely transfer your Health Points to your Luck, but on a fight including 3 or 4 monster, You will have to be smart, set your defensive and offensive strategy and also choose when to boost your Luck at the risk of having to adapt quickly to the opponent.

With an estimated release date of September 2015, Kodoku Chronicles currently has 40 days to run to reach it’s funding target. Does this game look like something you would want on Vita, or contribute to? We have added a few screens from the project below and you can follow the developer on Twitter.

  • Phelan

    I didn’t observe what was happening around that game, so I don’t really know.

    Do you think that they have chances to gather 20k GBP? As far as I can see they had very slow start… and usually start and end gather the most attention… it will be big success for them if they will reach their goal.

    Hey hey… wait a sec… they already tried to kickstarter this game… Kodoku Origins failed hard.

    5GBP huh… not now… if they will get close to stretch goal I might reconsider it.

  • nonscpo

    This looks very interesting, however I agree with Phelan, I believe it will be very difficult for them to reach the Vita goal. Would be impresive if they did though.