Bomberman clone coming to Vita, but with a name change.

Everyone loves a little bit of Bomberman, right? I myself loved it first on the Amiga when I played it as Dynablaster. Thanks to an email tip we have learned that Sanuk Games are bringing their version of the game to the Vita, according to Pocket Videogames, and was subsequently confirmed to us by the Thai developer on Twitter.

As stated in the tweet the title is being renamed “Bombing Busters” for the PlayStation market. If for some reason you’ve never seen Bomberman in action or wanted to get a feel for how this version will be, why not have a look at this trailer?

We will bring you more news as soon as we have it. Are you going pick this up?

  • Pata

    It’ll be good to have a Bomberman clone since Konami currently hold the IP but has made no effort on the launching it in Vita (nor any other console) since they bought Hudson Soft.

    • aros

      Konami just cannot do Hudson’s stuff justice. Shame because even up-ressing the art and releasing Saturn Bomberman ReVitaLised with online play would be a hit and surely be profitable.

      I would be very interested in a TG16 collection of all Hudsons games for that system with trophies added too.

      Bonk HD collection? Add easy mode, make character cuter, profit.

      I will never understand why pubs don’t have 20 staff constantly working on small PSN projects to update old titles in collections. Surely cheap as chips to make.

  • Lester Paredes

    why is it Bombing Bastards on the Wii U, the family friendly place, and Busters on Vita, the one owned by more adults… ?

  • aros

    If the netcode is good and trophies not multi reliant (in case there are no players) I will buy. Otherwise it will be waiting for a sub £2.50 sale.

  • WhyWai

    awesome! would love some bomberman action on VIta!