Devolver Digital gives an update for those waiting on the classic shooter.

It feels like we have been waiting a long time for Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on the Vita and it seems we may have to wait a little bit longer as Devolver Digital has justed tweeted that the game has “lots of certification issues”.

It seems that the game has been in certification for such a long time, we reported that it was nearly finished in December and that it was in certification from at least May. Hopefully Abstraction Games and Devolver Digital will be able to get it sorted soon.

We will bring you more news as it becomes available. Are you looking forward to this?

  • Lester Paredes

    Ouch. that’s a long time for Certification… a developer could die by the time it’s approved.

  • nonscpo

    Hey Devolver I dont know about you but I aint getting no younger over here!

  • darkknezz

    This will become vaporware

    • aros

      Devolver should get it out, if it was 3DRealms I would agree with you!

  • aros

    I wish this would hurry up, I wonder how no AAA games ever get stuck in certification.

  • moijk

    It is duke nukem. It can take forever. 😉