We get the lowdown on some of the characters included in Nippon Ichi’s Great Edo Blacksmith, along with new information on those touch minigames.

We’ve got some new information about two of the key characters in the story; Yataro and Iori.

  • Yataro is friends with the protagonist, and a major influence on him – he’s the one that puts the idea of visiting the girls in the mind of the protagonist. As for a job, he makes a living by connecting shop owners with people of interest.
  • Iori is the manager of the a cabaret-like establishment where the three girls of interest in the story work. She’s runs several similarly styled establishments in the entertainment district of Niruya, and due to her nonjudgemental nature does quite well at it.

We also get some new details on the touching events, which are actually separated into “before” and “after” and are paid for by earning money in dungeons. You can enter a touching event with any of the three main love interests in this harem; Asaka, Yugiri or Kiyohana.


The touching mini-games can only be activated once you’ve built a deep enough bond with a love interest, and the first part will allow you to touch them in a “playful manner” as part of the before play. The second part is activated only once you’ve completed before play with a high enough satisfaction rating, and as you can imagine it takes things to another level. In after play, you’ll actually get to take off their clothing and apparently even “do a little more”.

That’s as far as details get on the matter, but there’s a few not-so-safe images at the source if you’re interested. 😉

Great Edo BlackSmith is set to release November 27th in Japan, with no word on a Western localization.

  • nonscpo

    “a cabaret-like establishment where the three girls of interest in the story work”…So its a game about prostitutes, Okay now youve caught my interest. NIS if you have time to anounce the localization of Criminal Girls then you have time to bring this title over here; and I mean ASAP 🙂

  • SarcasticPersona

    Where are the more provacative pictures… For… Research purposes… Yeah… That.

    • nonscpo

      If you want to see the more provocative ones you should check out nichegamers article. In it you can almost see Yugiri’s shhhhhh or you can see up Kiyohana’s shhhhhh in the pictures. Asaka didnt get much love, the picture you see above is pretty much it, for now. Hope that helps you’r research!

      • SarcasticPersona

        Yugiri is the one I was hoping to find. Thank you kind stranger from the internet.