Today, Japanese developer Aquaplus revealed a direct sequel to Dungeon Travelers 2 via a countdown site.

While practically no info was given, Dungeon Travelers 2-2 is now set to come out sometime in 2015.

In the meantime, the original PSP Dungeon Travelers 2 is being remastered for Vita and comes out next week on September 25th in Japan.

  • aros

    How was the original PSP game? Great news if any of us are a fan.

  • gRANT

    Another game we probably won’t get in the states. If we didn’t get the first one I doubt we’ll get this one.

    • nonscpo

      We got Conception 2 but not Conception 1, so anything is possible!

  • nonscpo

    Nice I thought 2-2 was the name they choose or the definitive version, didnt realize it was a sequel. Would be nice if we got the other two first though, just saying 🙂